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Transport will take quite a bit of your budget, although once you’ve set down the initial flight travelling within an area doesn’t have to be too expensive (if you’re heading to the likes of South East Asia that is). You don’t need to plan all your travel before you leave but it pays to be informed on what’s available for when the time comes. The one thing you definitely will need though is your flight there... 

If you’re planning on going away for an extended length of time you should book a round-the-world ticket as it’s your cheapest and most flexible option. Point to point tickets where you just fly, for example, from London to Bangkok and then book onto India and Sydney and home will end up costing a lot more. Pick a few destinations that you definitely want to go to and phone a member of Gap Year Travel to find out how you can weave them all together. Some tickets have mileage limitations, but the tickets generally aren’t much more expensive than return flights to Australia, and you’ll get a fair few stop offs.

Hiking on the mountains

Popular Routes

Just to give you an idea here’s what a popular gap year route looks like – they start from around £1000-£1500...

  • London > LA > Auckland (make your own way to) Christchurch > Hong Kong > London

  • London > LA > Auckland > Tahiti > Tokyo > London

  • London > Singapore > Sydney (make your own way to) Brisbane > Nadi > LA (make your own way to) New York > London Guides Guides - Hitch Hiking Featured Image

Hitchhiking comes under many names. Thumbing, tramping, hitching, or thumbing up a ride. It's a very different way to get from A to B and it's a very different way to have an adventure.

If you're looking to get around then we've got a fantastic guide on hitchhiking, titled The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Enjoy!

Country Expert

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Darren Crocker

Darren is our country expert for Germany. He likes the country so much he lives there, and he's not even German...

Darren has travelled around the world and after a short stint back in Scotland he decided to move to Germany. Like a true backpacker he took to the country with zeal and has explored all that it has to offer, which helped him in writing this guide to Germany - give it a read. You won't be disappointed...