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Dentistry Work Experience Abroad

from £1,045
Duration: from 2 Weeks
Countries: Fiji , Peru , Mexico , Jamaica , Bolivia , Romania , Moldova , Vietnam , Sri Lanka , Philippines , Nepal , Mongolia , India , China , Cambodia , Togo , Tanzania , Senegal , Morocco , Kenya , Ghana , Ethiopia , Argentina
Our dental placements are a worthwhile way to gain practical experience in the field of dentistry whether you are a university student, a trained professional or an aspiring dentist.

Dentistry Work Experience Abroad

Every placement is suited to each volunteer’s individual level of knowledge and experience. This puts you in the best position, enabling you to really make a difference. Many people in the developing world do not have access to regular dental care and lack knowledge about basic daily oral hygiene. As a result, you are likely to see cases that are more advanced than in Western countries.

Whether you are working in a hospital or a clinic your role is very important. You will not only enhance your own knowledge, but also give back to local communities by providing care and advice.

As a volunteer, you will become part of a team. You will work alongside the local staff, observing procedures. Depending on your previous experience, there may be the opportunity for some hands-on work.

How to apply?
Feel free to call or email us, we have a friendly team ready to answer your questions. Visit our website and complete the online application. Complete the application form as fully as possible. While it is useful for us to have your passport number and referee details they are not immediately crucial to start processing your application.

A deposit of £195 / €295 / AUS $ 495 is required with your application. We will immediately acknowledge receipt of your application and deposit payment.

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Price details:

from £1,045


From 2 weeks


The cost of your project includes your food, accommodation, travel & medical insurance and 24 hour back-up from both our local and UK staff.

Overseas staff

Projects Abroad employs staff in every one of our destinations. They will meet you when you arrive at the airport and drop you off at the end of your placement. They will give you a full induction and safety briefing, and will visit you frequently at your project. Our staff are on call 24 hours a day should you ever need their assistance or support.

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Insurance, Accommodation, Food, Airport, Pickup

About Projects Abroad

Projects Abroad is the leading global organiser of overseas voluntary work placements. Our projects run year-round and are incredibly flexible – you can even volunteer abroad for as little as 2 weeks. With over 500 staff worldwide, volunteers will benefit from the support and back up that Projects Abroad provide both at home and overseas. 

We have a huge variety of projects available, including: Teaching, Care, Conservation, Culture & Community, Sports, Medicine & Healthcare, Electives, Journalism, Business, Law & Human Rights, Archaeology, Veterinary medicine, Animal care and Language courses.

Projects Abroad also offer professionals the opportunity to utilise their skills through a new initiative called Projects Abroad PRO.

With placements in Latin America, Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and the South Pacific; volunteers can enjoy adventurous foreign travel and make a positive contribution within a developing country.

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