Help protect turtles in Costa Rica

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Help protect turtles in Costa Rica

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Duration: from 5 Weeks to 10 Weeks
Countries: Costa Rica
Protect species of turtles on stunning beaches in Costa Rica. Volunteers will get the chance to take part in nightly turtle patrols to help monitor and protect the eggs from poachers & predators.

Help protect turtles in Costa Rica

Project: Playa Hermosa literally means ‘beautiful beach’ and on this one, thousands of olive ridley and black turtles, plus some rare leatherbacks, come to lay their eggs each year, making it a place of huge ecological interest. The eggs however are at risk from both natural predators and poachers, who steal them to sell at up to $50 each.

This project contains three aspects. Firstly, the groups do nightly turtle patrols, collecting the eggs and placing them safely into nests in a hatchery that they build. Secondly, when the eggs are hatched the groups are responsible for releasing the baby turtles into the sea at a safe time to give them the best possible chance of survival and helping to conserve this very important species. The third aspect involves planting trees to restore the biodiversity of the area following severe deforestation in the 1970s.  This is an exciting and very important conservation project that Raleigh have been proud to run for many years with our partners at MINAET.

Your role: You’ll need enthusiasm, a positive attitude and lots of energy to work on this project! By joining a Raleigh expedition you could be working on this project as part of a 10 week expedition, 7 week expedition or 5 week expedition!

An expedition? A Raleigh International expedition is designed to give you variety! Not only do you get to work on hugely worthwhile environmental projects such as this one, you will also spend 3 weeks living and working with remote communities as well as completing an exhilirating adventure challenge.

How does it work? Join other venturers from all walks of life and volunteer on our unique 10 week gap year expedition. You'll spend 3 weeks on a community project, helping local communities with things we take for granted and another 3 weeks on a conservation project protecting the country's natural habitats and wildlife. The final 3 weeks is a tough mental and physical adventure battling nature's elements. You will able to put down project preferences for expedition, but please note we can't always allocate your first choice.

Too long? You can choose to do two project phases for 7 weeks.

5 week expeditions
On our unique 5 week gap year expedition you'll combine either a 3 week community or environment project with an adventure challenge. This is an intense, adrenalin-fuelled 7 day experience of trekking, survival challenges and water-based activities

How to apply?
There’s lots of ways to find out more about what we do! Call us on 0845 344 7600 and have a chat to one of the Raleigh team about what you’d like to do. Have a look at our website which is full of up to date information or come to one of our Information Events around the country!

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