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Volunteering Projects in the UK

Volunteering in the UK is a brilliant way to spend your gap year. Learn to sail, cater, become an activity leader, internships and assist at schools of all ages

from £1,299

London NGO Internship

Duration: 4 weeks
Countries: United Kingdom

Experience life living and working in this world famous city, whilst furthering your own career through our varied and in-depth internship.

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from £3,120

Pro Yacht Crew Training

Duration: from 6 weeks to 17 weeks
Countries: United Kingdom, Australia

STCW 95 Pro Yacht Crew Training is a foundation course for professional skippers & crew. Recreational sailors will benefit from the professional approach, technical skills and best practice.

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from £5,900

Yachtmaster Basic Traineeship

Duration: from 3 months
Countries: United Kingdom, Australia

If a life on the ocean is for you, then a gap year based around one of our Yachtmaster Programmes is the course to set! For beginners and if you have some experience. Train in the UK or Australia

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from £559

Internships Abroad

Duration: from 4 weeks to 6 months
Countries: United Kingdom, Thailand, Tanzania, Nepal, Madagascar, India, Greece, Fiji, Costa Rica, Cambodia, Argentina

An internship abroad is a great way to experience a new culture, expand your horizons, improve your job prospects and to do something you love in an exotic new country.

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from £7,700

Expedition Leader Training

Duration: from 16 weeks
Countries: United Kingdom, Guatemala, Belize

Follow in the footsteps of past Trekforce Leaders including Bruce Parry and Ed Stafford - learn key Survival, Leadership and Management skills on this amazing course.

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from 2,647 AUD

UK Boarding School Assistant

Duration: from 11 months
Countries: United Kingdom

With midweek trips to Buckingham Palace and weekenders to Paris, the world really is your oyster when you’re living in the United Kingdom during your gap year.

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Yachtmaster Pro Traineeship

Duration: from 4 months
Countries: United Kingdom, Australia

This is our most popular skipper-training programme - suitable for experienced sailors and newcomers alike. Get qualified as an RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Offshore in 15 weeks.

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