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7 Gap Year Trips Where It Just Feels Right to Have a Few Drinks Featured Image

7 Trips Where You Drink Every Day

There are some trips where getting drunk just feels right. Sometimes drinking just can’t be avoided, or it’s just plain necessary.

5 Pro Tips for Planning Your Next Road Trip Featured Image

5 Tips for Planning Your Road Trip

A road trip is a classic way of travelling around the world, but getting the details right is important. Here's our expert road trip advice.

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NASA’s new supersonic plane could cut flight times in half

New NASA plane could cut flight times

NASA is planning a new supersonic plane that could cut long flight times in half, a true successor to the famous Concorde aircraft.

Thailand plans crackdown on ‘beg-packers’

Thailand cracks down on 'beg-packers'

Thailand is planning a crackdown on ‘beg-packers’ – backpackers who beg for cash on the street - by asking them to prove they have cash before entry.

Latest Features

Taking a Busabout Tour: Q & A Featured Image

Taking a Busabout Tour: Q & A

Our friends over at Busabout have been chatting to some of their happy customers about their recent trips, and we thought we share the answers.

How to Say Happy Mother’s Day in 50 Different Languages Featured Image

Happy Mother's Day in 50 Languages

A handy infographic on how to say 'Happy Mother's Day!' in 50 different languages. So phone and wish dear old Mum 'Gelukkige Moederdag!'

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