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Discover Beautiful Cambodia (and Thailand) Featured Image

Discover Cambodia (and Thailand)

Visit Cambodia and Thailand for temples, treasures, canals, the chaos of Bangkok, and the stunning beauty of Cambodia. We honestly don't understand what you're waiting for.

Ten Amazing Reasons To Visit Bolivia Featured Image

Ten Amazing Reasons To Visit Bolivia

Bolivia is an amazing country often ignored on the South American trail, which is a huge mistake! Here's a few reasons why Bolivia should be a bucket list mainstay.

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‘Tinder for travellers’ dating app launches

Travel dating app available now

The new Miss Travel app is styling itself as ‘Tinder for travellers’, giving you the chance to meet potential romantic partners to travel around the world together.

Coal plant on Thai beaches sparks protests

Thai beach coal plant sparks protests

Plans to build a coal power plant on the Andaman coast in southern Thailand have sparked protests and hunger strikes as locals believe the move could destroy tourism.

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7 Drinking Games to Play in Europe Featured Image

7 Drinking Games to Play in Europe

While our European cousins don't drink with quite the same ferocity as us here in Blighty, they certainly like a tipple here and there, and are no strangers to a good old drinking game.

6 Adventure Activities on the Gold Coast Featured Image

6 Gold Coast Adventure Activities

With its abundance of theme parks, amazing natural scenery and seafront location, you’ll find adventure activities at every turn on the Gold Coast, Australia.

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  • I Drank Way too Many Buckets

    "My eyes slowly creaked open under a deep sleep’s crust. The world was still a blur. I had no idea where or even what I was. Conscious thought struggled to return."

  • A Week in San Sebastian and Barcelona

    "When you’ve been travelling on your own for so long its great to have some company rather than backpacking and thinking of the trip as another stop in a long line."

  • Ping Pong Show in Phuket – not entirely sure it was sexy?

    "Girls stand like half naked ornaments out the front of the many bars that make up the streets, flicking their hair and seductively waving skinny fingers, beckoning people inside."

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