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Top Things To Do in Java, Indonesia Featured Image

Top Things To Do in Java, Indonesia

There are so many things to do in Java, yet it's not a popular stop on the backpacking trails. Here's a guide to help you make the most of this beautiful island in Indonesia.

When Are You Too Old to Stay in Hostels? Featured Image

Pondering the Age Limit of Hostels

Some backpackers can never imagine hanging up their hostel hat but, in your mid-twenties, is the hostel expiration date looming? Or are you never too old for a hostel?

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Heritage sites crack down on naked photos

Sites crack down on naked photos

People are getting naked at famous world heritage sites and taking photographs of themselves to post online. The authorities are not happy about this. At all. Seriously.

China building world’s highest glass bridge

China building highest glass bridge

The world's longest and highest glass bridge is under construction over a canyon in China, adding to its repertoire of terrifying, vertigo-inducing tourist attractions.

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Photo Essay: The Stunning San Blas Islands Featured Image

Discovering Paradise in Panama

These are the ridiculously lovely San Blas Islands of Panama. You could be forgiven that these images have been digitally enhanced, but they honestly haven't!

Infographic: Stay Safe Using Free Wi-fi Featured Image

Infographic: Free Wi-fi Safety

These days access to free wi-fi is vital to any gap year. But it can come with a number of risks to your security. This infographic tells you how you can stay safe on free connections.

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  • A Few Thoughts on 4 Days in Moscow

    "Sometimes it’s good to go to a place you know nothing about – you’re a blank slate and don’t have too many pre existing influences on what that particular experience will be like."

  • the countdown...

    "Currently in the final stages of the countdown to my big adventure. I am, as most first time travellers feel, EXCITED! Saying that, I am nervous, anxious, worried, curious, you name it - I feel it."

  • Holidays vs Travelling

    "I realised as I was checking in that the couple next to me were booking in for a week’s all inclusive. I felt sorry for that couple I’d overheard at the front desk. Have you ever been all inclusive?"

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