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Top 10 Bizarre Japan Travel Experiences Featured Image

Bizarre Japan Travel Experiences

Japan is a pretty weird place, for all its amazing culture, beautiful scenery, and ancient traditions. You really shouldn't miss it. Here are the top ten most bizarre experiences in Japan.

6 Crazy Places People Actually Call Home Featured Image

6 Crazy Places People Live

Take a look at six inhabited places around the world with the most bizarre and dangerous weather you'll ever see. Will you get your thrills risking life and limb for a visit?

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Need to know advice for travel to Greece

Important advice for Greece travel

The situation in Greece is making a lot of people unsure about whether or not they should travel there. We've put together some quick advice to help you decide.

Aussie town infested by 25,000 tarantulas

Aussie town infested with tarantulas

A small town in Australia has become infested with 25,000 venomous tarantulas, and no one really knows why. It really is the stuff of nightmares. Just look at them!

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7 Drinking Games to Play in Europe Featured Image

7 Drinking Games to Play in Europe

While our European cousins don't drink with quite the same ferocity as us here in Blighty, they certainly like a tipple here and there, and are no strangers to a good old drinking game.

6 Adventure Activities on the Gold Coast Featured Image

6 Gold Coast Adventure Activities

With its abundance of theme parks, amazing natural scenery and seafront location, you’ll find adventure activities at every turn on the Gold Coast, Australia.

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  • Made it to Bangkok! First Impressions

    "Airports are always frantic but the Bangkok Suvarnabhumi takes hustle and bustle to a new level. Battling my way out of the terminal I made it to a cab station and into a bright pink taxi."

  • Road Trip from San Francisco to LA

    "There’s just something about America, I think it’s the fact that we’ve all grown up seeing so much of it on TV and obviously in our media we’re forced to care about it more than we probably would otherwise."

  • Memories of the Guys in Cordoba

    "On the way to the club, the Argentine guys somehow managed to befriend four Argentine girls and talk them into joining us. The second club was also about to close so we wandered the streets."

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