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Don’t Waste a Gap Year By Being Wasted Featured Image

Don't Waste a Gap Year Being Wasted

Drinking is a big part of travel culture, but if you don't drink it shouldn't put you off taking a gap year. Here's some advice to help you cope.

How To Spend a Long Weekend in Belfast Featured Image

Spend a Long Weekend in Belfast

Belfast is a vibrant, buzzing city that has made itself into an incredibly destination for visitors after a troubled past. Here's what you shouldn't miss.

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Japanese Restaurant Serves Bizarre Meats

Jap Restaurant Serves Bizarre Meats

Backpackers like to try exotic food. But would you try axolotl, badger curry, or a cockroach platter. Well, this Japanese restaurant offers the chance!

New FlyShip aims to revolutionise sea travel

FlyShip aims to revolutionise travel

The new FlyShip is a plane/ship/hovercraft hybrid that promises to revolutionise how we travel across oceans.

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Find a Responsible Conservation Project Featured Image

Responsible Conservation Projects

Volunteering can be a brilliant way to spend your gap year, but it's important to find a responsible project. Here's how to find the right placement for you.

Why Culture Shock is a Good Thing Featured Image

Why Culture Shock is a Good Thing

As you lay snivelling and curled into the foetal position under your bed in a hostel room, you could be forgiven for concluding culture shock is something negative. Good news. It's not!

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