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How to Experience Barcelona in 48 Hours Featured Image

Experience Barcelona in 48 Hours

Barcelona is a great choice for a weekend with your friends or for a stop off on an InterRailing trip. Here's everything you can do in 48 hours.

Discovery Diving in the Great Barrier Reef Featured Image

Diving in the Great Barrier Reef

Many people visit Australia without seeing the Great Barrier Reef, even though snorkeling and diving there can be the experience of a lifetime.

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German city installs pavement traffic lights to protect phone-obsessed pedestrians

City installs pavement traffic lights

The German city of Augsburg has installed pavement traffic lights to warn people looking at their phones when it isn't safe to cross the road.

London’s Trafalgar Square could become a designer crazy golf course this summer

Trafalgar Square crazy golf course

Trafalgar Square could become a crazy golf course designed by famous artists this summer, if a crowd-funding campaign is successful.

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Find a Responsible Conservation Project Featured Image

Responsible Conservation Projects

Volunteering can be a brilliant way to spend your gap year, but it's important to find a responsible project. Here's how to find the right placement for you.

Why Culture Shock is a Good Thing Featured Image

Why Culture Shock is a Good Thing

As you lay snivelling and curled into the foetal position under your bed in a hostel room, you could be forgiven for concluding culture shock is bad.

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  • What you'll see on the Golden Circle Tour, Iceland

    "Gigantic glaciers, icy blue lakes, mighty volcanoes, deep craters and steaming hot geysers, Iceland has it all."

  • Update from my Big USA Trip

    "I'm currently on a three-month trip up the middle of the US, from Austin to Minnesota. And I'm having a brilliant time. I thought I'd give a little update on my first month."

  • Colombia: The next big tourist destination

    "When you think of Colombia you think, drugs, Pablo Escobar, third world, undeveloped and maybe gang problems. This is true of Colombia's past. It has moved on from this in a good way."

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