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How To Live Like a Local While Travelling Featured Image

Live Like a Local While Travelling

There's nothing wrong with following the tourist trail - but sometimes you'll have a better experience by living like a local.

Experience Art and Beer in Beautiful Bruges Featured Image

Art and Beer in Beautiful Bruges

Bruges is known for its beer, art, and architecture. It's like a fairy tale city, and here's why you shouldn't miss it on your gap year in Europe.

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Santa Claus runs for mayor of North Pole

Santa Claus for mayor of North Pole

A man whose name is actually, legally Santa Claus is bidding for a council seat in a place called North Pole, Alaska. That is happening.

Economy flights could be getting bed pods

Economy flights getting bed pods

Sleeping in economy class on a plane can be miserable. Airbus has just filed a patent that might make it all better - sleeping boxes!

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7 Drinking Games to Play in Europe Featured Image

7 Drinking Games to Play in Europe

While our European cousins don't drink with quite the same ferocity as us here in Blighty, they certainly like a tipple here and there, and are no strangers to a good old drinking game.

6 Adventure Activities on the Gold Coast Featured Image

6 Gold Coast Adventure Activities

With its abundance of theme parks, amazing natural scenery and seafront location, you’ll find adventure activities at every turn on the Gold Coast, Australia.

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  • TOP 5 Tips on How to Avoid Overpacking

    "Overpacking can be a serious trouble for your holidays. For your next journey, we challenge you to use these tips to pack a little bit lighter."

  • Can you have a relationship while travelling?

    "Let me just start by saying romance is dead. I am not one to let whimsy whisk me away with thoughts about what nights in watching 30 Rock with “The One” would be like."

  • Teaching English in China.

    "Working in such a foreign place is so out of our usual comfort zone you inevitably learn new things. This has also been useful to my plans for returning to the UK."

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