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22 Things You’ll Do on Your Gap Year (but Probably Shouldn’t) Featured Image

22 Unwise Things to Do on a Gap Year

Travelling takes you out of your comfort zone, and with inhibitions lowered you'll probably do a lot of things that are fun but unwise.

12 Top Tips to Help You Sleep on a Flight Featured Image

Tips to Help You Sleep on a Flight

We all envy the traveller who can sleep on a plane. What's their secret? We have a few ideas: read on to discover the key to sleeping on a flight.

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Want to live in a remote Australian lighthouse for 6 months?

Live in a lighthouse for six months

If living in a lighthouse on an island in the middle of nowhere sounds like your dream job, this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

Why are flights taking longer now than they did 40 years ago?

Why are flights taking longer?

Although technology is always improving, flight times are actually getting longer. A new report seems to have uncovered the reason.

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11 Weird Things to See in Amsterdam Featured Image

11 Weird Things to See in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city of two halves; on one side there are beautiful canals and quirky buildings, and on the other side lies the downright strange and utterly bewildering.

Backpackers’ Guide to Climbing Kilimanjaro Featured Image

Guide to Climbing Kilimanjaro

Whether you're thinking of incorporating the Kilimanjaro climb into a gap year or a one-off event, here's some tips from the Machame Route, to food and altitude sickness.

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