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We're a social network and travel advice website committed to providing you with everything you need to know about taking a gap year. We were created by backpackers, for backpackers, and offer expert advice on travelling, volunteering and working abroad, all tied together with inspirational ideas, opportunities and products.

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But websites cannot run on circuits and servers alone. They need people. Human people. Below are the individuals that work on the website every day to make it one of the best travel sites around. Some of them write the words that appear on the site. Some of them sell stuff. And some of them fiddle with knobs and bang things really hard when everything stops working. But whatever they do, they are part of an awesome team committed to giving you the best travelling experience possible.

Journeys are made @, and these are the folks that help you create them.

Kavon Bagheri

Head of Operations

Kavon's dream trip would be to South Africa, Singapore overland to Beijing, Tokyo, Cairns over land to Adelaide, Christchurch overland to Auckland, Fiji, LA overland to San Fran. His favourite food is Persian and his biggest travel mistake was lack of planning. His best piece of travel advice is to not stress about anything and if you're travelling solo, take a group tour early on.

Will Jones

Managing Editor

Will Jones

Before settling into office life Will took his gap year exploring far flung corners of the world, including the Australian Outback, Vietnam, Nepal and the life-affirming chaos that is India. He loves travel and thrives on new experiences, and one of his ambitions is to have a friend in every country in the world before he retires.

Dave Owen

Deputy Editor

Will Jones

Dave Owen was not raised by wolves and as a result feels bereft of a good story to tell at parties. Instead he became a writer, working as a freelance journalist in travel, video games, and tech, before joining the web production team. He's also a published author of fiction. His travels usually involve getting horribly lost, in places like Israel and Korea, and making a fool of himself.

Pete Churchill

Product & Marketing Executive

Travel is something that has run in Pete's blood since before he can remember. He left the country for the first time at 2 weeks old and hasn't stopped since, having so far clocked up 30 countries. The best places he's been are New Zealand, for the sheer beauty, and India, for the absolute insanity and unparalleled variety. His best piece of advice when it comes to travel is just to say ‘Yes!’.

Vicky Philpott 

Community Messiah

Victoria Philpott

Holy Philpott Batman! Vicky has travelled through Europe extensively, dropping in on a few festivals and picking up work as she went. She's an advocate of slow travel and has worked at camp in America for two summers before releasing the pressure in the clubs of Cancun. She's toured Australia, explored the Serengeti and backpacked through Morocco.

Ben Granier

Lead Web Developer

Ben Granier

Ben has visited lots of countries, some of which include Bulgaria, Kenya, Thailand, Nigeria, France, USA and the Netherlands. His favourite place in the world is a toss-up between Stonehaven and Legoland, and the next place on his list is Bermuda, though he doesn’t think he’ll ever get there because he first has to catch up with all his family scattered throughout Europe!

Phil Cowie

Gap Year Manager

Having spent 7 seasons chasing the snow around the world it’s probably fair to say that I’m a little bit obsessed with skiing! I’ve managed to travel most of the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand off the back of it but there have been one or two dodgy goggle tans… This year I’ve managed to finally make myself go somewhere not snowy, visiting Singapore and Burma with a cheeky weekend in Vegas and then Australia and Thailand coming up. The next major place on my hit list though is Japan for the amazing culture, scenery and to experience somewhere completely different. The biggest travel tip that I can think of is to book things before you go so that you don’t end up too broke to do the things that you really wanted to do - Nobody wants to have to explain to their mates that they missed Milford Sound in NZ or Fraser Island & The Whitsundays in Australia!

Tiffany Wall

Gap Year Manager

My Travel bug kicked off with a bang; having never left the UK my first trip was moving to the USA to study in Memphis, Tennessee. After traveling around the states with a quick stopover in Mexico for spring break I was hooked. Keeping up the theme of go big or go home next trip I spent 2 years working and traveling Australia. All the sun, all the fun! Best travel experience so far has been full moon party in Thailand, love the buckets! The dream is to visit Bali and Japan. My top tip is get as much booked in before you leave so you don’t need to worry about running out of money and missing out once you are away.

Leo Mead

Gap Year Assistant Manager

My favourite destinations that I’ve been to are the immense Atlas Mountains in Morocco, steeped in Berber culture and jaw dropping views from the top, Bocas del Toro’s beautiful beaches and chilled backpacker vibe, and the stunning Plitvice Lakes in Croatia. I’m off to the north of India in August for a two week trek in the Himalayas sandwiched between monastery visiting and home-stays. #YOLO

Lucy Goldston

International Travel Consultant

My favourite destinations I have been to are Thailand, New York and Finland and I'm looking forward to an exciting trip through Nepal and India later this year where I will be visiting the Chitwan National Park, Taj Mahal and lots of other amazing sites on the way. My top tips for anyone going travelling are to get involved with as many experiences as possible and don’t be scared to give something new a go. When it comes to the planning bit give me a call and I can help you get it all organised and give you lots of tips!

Hayley France

International Travel Consultant

Having backpacked through South America, South East Asia, Australia and South Africa it is impossible to pick a favourite destination. However, my highlights have to be Bolivia, Colombia, Cambodia and South Africa. Next on my list is Indonesia as I didn’t have time to get there when I was last in South East Asia; I can’t wait to spend some time relaxing on the idyllic beaches and soaking up the local culture. My top travel tip is to pack light and remember that if you do forget anything then it is very likely you will be able to pick it up when you arrive, so don’t stress too much about what to pack!

Sam Webster-Bell

International Travel Consultant

I caught the travel bug whilst on my travels around South East Asia and since then have completed trips to Scandinavia, Morocco, Spain, Central Europe and Turkey. I would consider myself a beach bum at heart, but I really do enjoy learning and studying the cultures I visit and experience. Another big thing for me is the food, trying all the local and regional delicacies is a must in any of my travel itineraries. My top tips for travelling are to speak to the locals, learn about their culture, try their food and make sure you get time to chill out. Travelling is just a long holiday. For trips anywhere around the world, I will be here to help plan your perfect trip, whether that be a 2 week trip to Bali, a working holiday in Australia or a big round the world trip!

Ollie Harford

International Travel Consultant

My favourite places other than South East London (of course) are the Indochina Loop (where I went around video-blogging with, Cuba, Eastern/Southern Europe InterRail and the Maldives! I’m planning on heading back to South East Asia asap as well as Croatia for a festival on the coast and also a big trip to South America in hopefully the not too distant future! My best tip for travelling is make friends when you get there and if it sounds fun, give it a go!

Sarah Wroblewska

International Travel Consultant

After Uni I decided to do the best thing imaginable and head off to Australia for an exciting year's travel. On the way I stopped off in the States to see the Big Apple, Fiji to relax on beautiful beaches and catch a glimpse of the Cast Away Island, and New Zealand to experience the extreme sports! Australia was by far my favourite as I spent most of my days on an outback ranch riding horses into the sunset, racing about on quadbikes and mustering cows by helicopter. The next place I’m heading to will be Costa Rica to get a glimpse of the incredible wildlife and Latino culture. My top travelling trip would be to just go with it as the most incredible experiences will come from it and the best of friends will be made. Give me a call and we can get planning your trip of a life time!

Abi Hanks

International Travel Consultant

I have spent most of my life travelling - my whole childhood was spent with my family moving around the USA, Africa and Europe. Once I was old enough to go it alone, I moved to The Netherlands and then Spain to experience and live in new cultures. I have interRailed across Europe, backpacked across South East Asia and spent a few years in New Zealand before returning to the UK. My top tip is simple and only for those looking to have an authentic travel experience; eat and drink everything local and embrace the different cultures! I still want to visit South America, India and Antarctica to play with the friendliest penguins in the world!

Josh Habergham

International Travel Consultant

Having been lucky enough to have travelled all around New Zealand, Sri Lanka and Malaysia with various sports teams I’ve certainly got plenty of travel highlights. Having turned down a lucrative Polo career due to a chronic allergy to horses, a couple of my travel highlights have to be climbing Kilimanjaro as well as completing my dream road trip from Texas to California, whilst simultaneously eating my bodyweight in burgers and ranch sauce. My next travel goal is definitely seeing some of Central America whilst also exploring some of the Australian East Coast I missed the first time round. My best travel tips would be to get involved with the local people and culture as much as possible and always make sure you have a strong pair of flip-flops/jandals/thongs

Mikhaila O'Sullivan

International Travel Consultant

I was bitten by the travel bug from an early age thanks to my parents bringing me to some amazing places- Central Europe, Singapore, Australia and Morocco. Then the time came to finally go and do it myself and so I took off with a backpack as big as myself around SE Asia. Personally I reckon the best way to really get to know somewhere is to live there for a bit, so that’s what I did in Barcelona, NYC and now Laandann. It is so hard to pick my favourite travel moments because I have so many amazing memories and made some great friends but the ones that stand out are dancing in a thunder storm at the Full Moon party, getting my PADI Open Water Diver certification in the Cayman Islands and seeing the sunrise over Angkor Wat. The next place on the list is to get myself on a tour of India. The ULTIMATE dream is to travel around Central and South America- ojalá! My top travel tip is to have an open attitude and just say why not!!

Tom Griffiths


Tom Griffiths

Tom took his first gap year at 18 and wrote his first book Before You Go at 22, and founded the website in 1998 with IT Consultant Peter Pedrick. He has now left the brand and acts as a travel and volunteering spokesperson. He remains an industry authority, conference speaker and consultant, with countless media appearances over the last decade. 

Peter Pedrick


Peter Pedrick

When Tom met him, Peter was about to take time out from running his IT consultancy company that he started at university. You could say that running and starting businesses was Peter's UK gap year, but at 23 he was itching to do some travelling and escape the usual workplace nightmares. He believes the website is about enjoyment, adventure and getting the most out of your life.

Cormac Scanlan

The Veteran

Tom Griffiths

Cormac is a site legend. He joined the site over a decade ago as a web design intern and spent the next decade pouring his heart and soul into the business, rising up to a COO position. Although he has now left the business to pursue new adventures, he remains as passionate about the website as ever, and takes a keen interest in all new developments.

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