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About Us

Meet the Gapyear.com Team

Gapyear.com is a social network and travel advice website committed to providing you with everything you need to know about taking a gap year. We were created by backpackers, for backpackers, and offer expert advice on travelling, volunteering and working abroad, all tied together with inspirational ideas, opportunities and products.

But websites cannot run on circuits and servers alone. They need people. Below are the individuals that work on the website every day to make it one of the best travel sites around. Some of them write the words that appear on the site. Some of them sell stuff. And some of them fiddle with knobs and bang things really hard when everything stops working. But whatever they do, they are part of an awesome team committed to giving you the best travelling experience possible.

Will Jones

Managing Editor

Before settling into office life Will took his gap year exploring far flung corners of the world, including the Australian Outback, Vietnam, Nepal and the life-affirming chaos that is India. He loves travel and thrives on new experiences, and one of his ambitions is to have a friend in every country in the world before he retires.

Dave Owen

Deputy Editor

Dave Owen was not raised by wolves and as a result feels bereft of a good story to tell at parties. Instead he became a writer, working as a freelance journalist in travel, video games, and tech, before joining the web production team. He’s also a published author of fiction. His travels usually involve getting horribly lost, in places like Israel and Korea, and making a fool of himself.

Abi Hanks

Product & Marketing Executive

Abi was born and raised travelling, first with her family and then out on her own. She has lived in 7 countries across 4 continents and loves being able to explore new places. Seeing the world is not just a passion but the point to life for her.

Alex Morgan

Advertising Manager

Alex’s job is to make sure we have the best companies on the site to offer you the widest choice for your travels, including tours, volunteering opportunities, jobs, courses, and more. Click here to contact her regarding advertising on the site.

Lauren Carne

Assistant Team Leader
Lauren has worked at StudentUniverse for two years after travelling and working as a travel expert in Australia and New Zealand. Nothing makes her happier than exploring new countries and walking down hidden side streets. Lauren’s favourite trip is African Insight, a week-long tour through Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa visiting some of the world’s most untouched areas and incredible animals.

Thomas Rowbotham

International Travel Consultant

Tom’s passion for travel and customer care brought me to StudentUniverse – he genuinely believes that travel broadens the mind, and he really enjoys helping like-minded people create life-changing experiences and memories around the globe. The Best of New York, Montreal and New England tour is a personal favourite, for a great mix of iconic cities and quaint villages, plus the New England seafood is amazing.

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