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What have the press said about us?

What The Papers Say

Since its inception in 1998, gapyear.com has a long history in assisting all types of the media on creating and delivering gap year-related news stories, features and articles. We can provide case studies, facts, figures and information about industry trends, as well as comment from our team of travel experts on anything and everything to do with backpacking and travelling.

Gapyear.com has appeared in national papers, regional papers, on national radio and on national television.

What have the media said about gapyear.com? Find out below...

"Gapyear.com is so good, it's tempting to think you need no other site; what to do, where to go, which kit to buy, how to insure yourself: gap year tries to plug every gap in a gapper's year, not just for students, but for those taking time out from careers."

The Times


"An extraordinarily comprehensive site, full of inspirational ideas and sound advice."

The Guardian


"Invaluable advice for gap year travellers is available on gapyear.com."

Mail on Sunday


"For information on gap years, an excellent starting point is gapyear.com. There's invaluable advice on when to go and what to do as well as 'Gappers' stories and the opportunity to subscribe to Gapyear.com Magazine."

Evening Standard


"The first detailed study of student gap years dispels the myth that Britain's youth has an altruistic motivation...the report by The Gap Year Company reveals that the most common reasons for students taking a year off remain the most obvious - seeing the world, having fun and meeting other people."

The Independent


"More useful information can be found at another site, gapyear.com, which lists opportunities by category and region as well as offering practical tips on planning your trip."

Daily Mail


"Gapyear.com offers lots of useful advice for travellers"

The Telegraph


"An excellent new source of information for all would-be gap travellers is the new magazine produced by gapyear.com."

Daily Express


"There are rip-off merchants out there so before you make the final payment for your trip, whether it's to a private organisation or a charity, consider the excellent advice available on gapyear.com which gives a check list of questions to ask first."

Daily Mirror