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A Brief Visual History of Travel

A Brief Visual History of Travel has today been launched by backpacking website

The project, which features parallax scrolling, reveals the epic journey untaken by the human race so far, from the great migrations out of Africa tens of thousands of years ago to our recent voyages into the corners of the solar system.

Author of the history Will Jones, who is the travel editor at, said:

"This has been an enormous project and I’m delighted we can finally reveal it to the world. We originally planned to create a history of tourism, starting perhaps in the 1950s. But, as is the way with history, we kept on discovering the stories behind the stories, falling back through the centuries until we ended up at the dawn of civilisation itself."

The history covers a variety of topics relating to travel, including the invention of the wheel, the voyages of ancient explorers, the emergence of cartography, the rise of empires, pilgrimages, the Vikings, the Crusaders, the Age of Discovery, the birth of industry and mass transport, the expeditions to the extremities of the planet, and finally beyond our world into space itself.

Cormac Scanlan, COO at and head designer behind the fully responsive content, said:

"I’m a firm believer in the power of imagery and strong visual design to add colour and perspective to digital content. We approached the history of travel with the aim of creating an inspiring long-form article which gave a good level of depth and detail to a complex topic, while also remaining accessible and visually engaging throughout.

"I believe we’ve achieved those goals, and hope this will stand up as a unique and valuable resource. Needless to say we are all very proud of what we’ve produced."


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