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Will Jones

Content and Social Media Manager

Will is the travel editor and social media manager at and has had his writing published in a variety of places, including The Independent, Lonely Planet and Esquire. Before settling into office life he took his gap year exploring far flung corners of the world, including the Australian Outback, Vietnam, Nepal and the life-affirming chaos that is India. He loves travel and thrives on new experiences, and one of his ambitions is to have a friend in every country in the world before he retires. His biggest fear is spiders, though he does plan on conquering it. Tomorrow.

Dave Owen

Content and Social Media Specialist

Dave is a travel writer and social media fumbler at, and has written for numerous places like IGN, EDGE magazine, and Kotaku. He’s also a published author of fiction. His travels have taken him to China, South Korea, Israel, the USA, and a few places closer to home. Although he loves visiting new places, he is increasingly, harrowingly aware that the ultimate destination for all of us is the abyss.

Victoria Philpott

Community Messiah

Victoria has travelled extensively through Europe and worked for two summers at camp in America. She's also explored the party scene in Cancun, spent too much time in Ibiza and hung out with the lions, rhinos and leopards in the Serengeti. She's an NCTJ-qualified journalist with experience on many of the showbiz favourites including Heat, X Factor Magazine, Closer and Fabulous, before moving online to work at and then Nowadays she prefers to spend her time as Community Messiah at, and on her blog