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You might think that any kind of travel adventure is a gap year expedition of sorts, but it can also be used to describe a specific kind of journey: one that immerses you fully in an unfamiliar culture or environment, sees you work closely with a team, and presents a real physical or mental challenge. Volunteer expeditions are certainly not a walk in the park.

Still not clear? Broadly speaking expeditions can be broken down into three categories: adventurous expeditions are, well, adventures that push your physical limits, usually having geographical start and end points; volunteering expeditions revolve around working to improve the welfare of a community in a host country, asking you to live there for an extended period of time; scientific expeditions fall somewhere in between, focusing on research and conservation projects.

This range of gap year expeditions means it’s easy to find one that suits you, whatever your goals or interests – just make sure you’re up to the challenge!

Get adventurous with these amazing expeditions


An Andean Adventure in Ecuador

from £1,413.00

21 days

Get off the tourist trail in the Andes by living with a local community and helping with their development projects,...

Marine Conservation Expedition in Mexico

from £1,895.00

28 days

Earn your PADI diving certificate when you discover Mexico’s Mesoamerican coral reef and its abundant wildlife.

The Ultimate Quest- South America

from £5,500.00

95 days

Our ultimate three month adventure. Join our team for three weeks intensive Spanish training in Sucre, Bolivia, before going to...

Adventure Guide Program – Africa

from £6,100.00

90 days

While this is an Adventure Guide Program, it's not all about the outdoors. There will be cultural activities and exchange;...

Borneo and the Philippines

from £2,488.00

42 - 70 days

A dynamic program which includes venturing deep into the jungle to teach indigenous tribes, exploring Mulu caves, an orangutan safari,...

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

from £840.00

16 days

Trek in the world-famous Annapurna Sanctuary on your gap year, career break or holiday and enjoy the best of Nepal.

Philippines – Island Hopping Adventure

from £1,682.00

28 days

Spend 4 weeks on some of the remotest islands of the Philippines to explore and contribute whilst being immersed in...

Adventure, Leadership and Outdoor Certifications in Costa Rica & Panama

from £7,500.00

65 days

Discover your strengths, goals, and leadership style as you earn seven international certifications while hiking, rafting, diving, and rappelling your...

Cairo to Cape Town Overland

from £3,695.00

119 days

A trip for those who are happy to rough it and willing to muck in with a group of like-minded...

Wildlife Expedition in Costa Rica

from £1,555.00

28 days

Experience marine and rainforest conservation in this biodiversity hotspot and join a team of international volunteers as an expedition member.

Inspiration and advice on expeditions

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