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Gap Year Expeditions

Volunteering expeditions & adventure

You might think that any kind of travel adventure is a gap year expedition of sorts, but it can also be used to describe a specific kind of journey: one that immerses you fully in an unfamiliar culture or environment, sees you work closely with a team, and presents a real physical or mental challenge. Volunteer expeditions are certainly not a walk in the park.

Still not clear? Broadly speaking expeditions can be broken down into three categories: adventurous expeditions are, well, adventures that push your physical limits, usually having geographical start and end points; volunteering expeditions revolve around working to improve the welfare of a community in a host country, asking you to live there for an extended period of time; scientific expeditions fall somewhere in between, focusing on research and conservation projects.

This range of gap year expeditions means it’s easy to find one that suits you, whatever your goals or interests – just make sure you’re up to the challenge!

Inspiration and advice on expeditions

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