Extreme Sports on Your Travels

Bungee jumping, skydiving and more

Travel is all about broadening your horizons and testing your limits, whether it’s your first time visiting a country that doesn’t speak English or freefalling 134 metres into a canyon from a highwire in New Zealand with an elastic band around your ankles.

Whoa, that escalated quickly. Extreme adventure sports are definitely not for the faint of heart, but they will show you what you’re made of once and for all. Adrenaline sports offer something crazy for everyone: bungee jumping in New Zealand, learning to surf in Australia, or kayaking down raging river rapids in South America, you’re guaranteed to find something that will scare you witless and send you scurrying home to regale your mates with tales of your daring.

Travelling offers near endless ways to be brave, but few that get your adrenaline pumping, and leave you with memories (and badass GoPro videos) that will last a lifetime, like adventure sports. The world is your playground – make the most of it!

Check out these extreme sports – strap in!


Istanbul to Tehran by Rail

Iran, Islamic Republic of, Turkey

You may have made your way into Turkey before, but now it's time to take it a little farther east...

Africa Encompassed Northbound

from £6450


Venture out and witness vast landscapes, natural wonders, towns rich in cultural traditions and modern cities humming with life on...

Western Inspiration

from £629

Wander down central Europe on this epic exploration of France, Switzerland and Italy! Say bonjour to your fellow #Topdeckers and...

Inca Trail Extension

from £825


Spend a week retracing the steps of the ancient Inca civilisation on the historical Inca trail hike. Explore Cusco's maze...

Galápagos — Central Islands aboard the Xavier III

from £1929


Encounter the island chain that has enchanted explorers since Darwin first weighed anchor off its shores. Spend four nights exploring...

South Georgia & Antarctic Peninsula from Buenos Aires

from £14930

Antarctica is considered by many to be the final frontier. Home to an equal number of stories of glory and...

Rivers, Lakes & Mountains 44 Day

from £1000

Embrace your inner adventurer on this wildly wonderful safari from Johannesburg to Nairobi. The aptly named, Rivers, Lakes & Mountains...

Argentina Multisport

from £2849


Combining two super-fun itineraries, this 15-day adventure was made for the modern-day explorer looking to roam this region at a...

Cape Leveque and the Kimberley Coast (Basix)

from £455


A stunning composition of ochre-coloured earth and aquamarine waters, the Dampier Peninsula is one of the most spectacular coastal environments...

The Best of Costa Rica Independent Adventure

from £779

Costa Rica

Can't decide between the jungle, volcanoes or the beach? Do all three on this ten-day independent journey that proves why...

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