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International Educator Program

Become a valuable contributor, not just a volunteer tourist

International Educator Program
From £10300
Duration 90 Days
From £10300
Duration 90 Days
Helping small communities revive ecological regions. Protecting native biodiversities. Helping to break the cycle of poverty. Travelling with a difference, travelling making a difference.

Our program is not only about how you can help, its about how you can lead your own international programs to create change. Helping small communities revive ecological regions. Protecting native biodiversities. Helping to break the cycle of poverty.

International Educator Program


Our International Educator Program is travelling with a difference, travelling making a difference.

This 3 month program is broken into 3 modules that give you some varied experiences of volunteer projects happening around the globe. You’ll learn how these work and begin to develop your own planning and educator skills as the program progresses. Each module builds on the one before – as the course progresses so will your skills; your proficiency as a global traveller, to effectively give back, and your confidence to lead others. The itinerary itself also progresses into more challenging global regions, continuously immersing you in learning experiences and developing key global program educator skills.

We created this program as an immersive learning experience, where the assessment occurs naturally during everyday experiences, your proficiency will grow as the program itself gets progressively more challenging.

The itinerary was chosen specifically to complement each stage of the training. As the level of skill required increases, the destinations chosen will similarly become more challenging with language barriers, logistical challenges,and/or poor infrastructure.

You’ll leave this program confident in your global travelling skills, in your ability to plan, develop and execute effective community engagement projects, environmental service and volunteer programs, and ready to tackle any new venture that you may be planning.

Pure Exploration's immersive experience

Experience Adventure Activities
Region Asia, Central America, South America, South East Asia
Country China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Laos, Nicaragua, Peru, Thailand

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