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Gap Year Sailing Courses

Learn sailing on your adventure

In case you hadn’t noticed, the ocean is bloody everywhere. You would miss out on 70% of the planet if you only stuck to dry land, and for a hardened traveller that’s simply unacceptable. Sailing courses are a great way to guarantee a career on the ocean. Take part in a sailing course abroad and become a fully-qualified, highly-skilled skipper and get a job almost anywhere in the world. The office is the great outdoors and students are encouraged to take part in a whole range of exhilarating water sports during their time off.

Gap year sailing adventures offer the opportunity to see more of our blue planet, explore some of the world’s most beautiful coastlines, and take sailing lessons like an actual rich person. Don’t forget to tie a cream sweater jauntily around your neck. You’re likely to live on board a vessel while you learn the essential skills of the course and have the opportunity to put the navigation theory into practice by making trips to various destinations, depending on where you are stationed. You’ll also learn additional skills such as radio operation and first aid.

There are gap year sailing options to suit any taste. You might take a one-day whale-watching excursion to find your sea legs, only to get a taste for it and enrol on a nine-week course to learn sailing and become a qualified yacht skipper. In between you can take a sailing trip around the jaw-dropping Whitsundays in Australia, cruise the sun-dappled coastline of Croatia, or hop between paradisiacal Greek Islands.

Conquer sea sickness, train a parrot to sit on your shoulder (pigeons are also acceptable), and head out on the high seas for the ultimate gap year adventure. Anchors away!

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