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Water Sports on Your Gap Year

Kayaking, surfing, rafting and more

Before you leave home the only water sport you’re likely to have played is avoiding the suspiciously warm patches near children in your local swimming baths. Trust us, water sports on your gap year get a lot more exciting (though arguably never as high stakes).

Some of the most popular adventure water sports for gap year travellers are surfing, kayaking, jet skiing, and windsurfing. Most of these take place on the beach, meaning they can often be enjoyed casually, jaunts into the waves punctuated by longer spells sipping cocktails in a deckchair. If you’re looking to take water sports a little more seriously, we recommend heading to Australia‘s famous coast for surfing lessons from the pros, or heading to inland Thailand or Central America for kayaking lessons that will have you throwing yourself down white water rapids in no time.

However seriously you want to take them, whether you’re black water rafting in New Zealand or surfing in Morocco, water sports are some of the most exciting activities you can pursue when you travel. You’ll never want to visit your local pool back home again.

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