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Looking to Drive Student & Adventure Visitors to Your Site?

The answer's simple: advertise with gapyear.com!

Gapyear.com is the world’s leading backpacking & youth booking website, with a community of over four million highly-engaged and active users. They are affluent young travellers, connected and on the go, creating and sharing the latest trends and representing the latest generation of consumers.

By 2020, the youth market is expected to grow to £210B. It’s a fast-growing and market defining segment, and Gapyear.com can help you target young travellers in a unique way. Last year we generated twenty-eight thousand enquiries for more than two hundred and fifty advertisers; with a user base that continues to grow we are always looking to offer more youth experiences on our site.

How it works:

We offer a performance-based marketing model to ensure you see a clear return on your investment. Advertisers choose to accept clicks or enquiries from our site depending on what works best for you. If you’re unsure then just ask and we will be happy to offer our opinion based upon previous experience.
Cost per click model:
Our cost per click model offers highly qualified traffic in a way social and adword campaigns can’t offer. On a typical user journey individuals will have searched for their desired programme and read about what you have to offer before clicking through to your site; ensuring that users are well informed before a charge is made.
Clicks can have the call to action of ‘book now’, ‘visit website’, ‘apply online’ or ‘more info’ to ensure you can drive through to the page you want whilst offering a clear user journey.
Cost Per Enquiry Model:
We also offer highly qualified enquiry forms, tailored to suit your needs. Advertisers are able to prequalify candidates by asking questions relating to age, education level and nationality to ensure that you only receive enquiries from candidates you can convert.
Display Campaigns:
There are a wide array of banner options on the site which can both increase brand awareness or drive traffic to certain products. You can see our banner specifications here and we can advise on how to style creatives for our audience.
We want to ensure that advertising on our site works for you, so report back monthly on how your listings are performing and are happy to offer quarterly reviews.  Gapyear.com also offers email, content and social marketing; so if you’re looking for a more unique campaign we’re more than able to cater to your needs.

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