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A Gap Year in Kenya

Why go backpacking in Kenya?

Kenya is arguably where it’s at when it comes to gap years in Africa. It’s got the culture, the history and boy does it have the wildlife.

A lot of people say Kenya has the best wildlife in the world, and they’re pretty much on the money. You can experience all of the Big Five (lion, elephant, buffalo, rhino, leopard) on a safari or touring a game park, staying overnight at a swish lodge or camping out under the stars.

But there’s so much else to explore; there’s the Great Rift Valley of Lake Turkana where early humans first evolved, the equatorial rainforest in the south, the desert flatlands to the snowy heights of Mount Kenya, and the miles of Indian Ocean beaches in the east.

Kenya is culturally diverse, and whether you are shopping in Nairobi, speaking Swahili in Mombasa, diving in a coral reef or snapping lions on safari, you’ll be constantly delighted with what Kenya has to offer.

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