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Backpacking in Mozambique on a Gap Year

Why go to Mozambique?

Mozambique is one of South Africa’s most beautiful countries, with tropical islands, great diving spots, and vast savannahs filled with wildlife. The mix of Portuguese heritage with the natural beauty makes this country an ideal destination for any traveller wishing to experience two different worlds in a single trip.

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Things to do

Relax on the white beaches of the Bazaruto Archipelago on the Mozambique Coast. Made up of five tropical Islands, these beaches are perfect to just sit and chill out on, or you can put on a fetching snorkel and discover the marine life in the shallow clear waters.

To get a feel for the city head to The Mercado Municipal, the largest market in Maputo, and the Natural history museum. Starting with the enticing colonial building, the museum has an abundance of interesting and random things to learn about, including a gallery of elephant foetuses. There’s also some below average, and slightly horrific taxidermy animals, but hey, they’ve been there for over 50 years, you wouldn’t look so great yourself.

Walk around 16th and 17th century colonial ruins at the Ilha de Moçambique. This UNESCO World Heritage site was once the capital of colonial Portuguese East Africa and is where you can find the oldest European building in the Southern Hemisphere; the Chapel of Nossa Senhora de Baluarte, built in 1522. The most noticeable attraction though is the Fort Sao Sebastion which was built in the 16th century, and was a major port for the trade of slaves, spices, and gold. Other historic spots are the Old Hospital, Chruch of Santo Anotonio and Makuti Town.

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