A Gap Year in Namibia

Why go backpacking in Namibia?

When you think of Southern Africa, naturally enough, the first country that comes to mind is South Africa. Just to the North West of South Africa, however, is Namibia. Home to the second largest canyon in the world – Fish River Canyon, the vast, eponymous Namib desert, the oldest in the world, and some of the rarest, most beautiful wildlife in Africa. A destination not to be missed for any traveller.

Namibia’s wildlife is unique, with specially desert adapted species like the desert elephant, desert lion and Hartmann’s zebra. Etosha National Park, one of Africa’s finest game parks, is home to these animals and many, many more. Long a key stop on tours of Southern Africa, this national park is gaining the recognition it deserves and is on more and more gappers radars.

Home to some of the oldest tribes on Earth, Namibia has been inhabited by the San people for longer than anyone cares to know or remember and by various different more recent tribes since the 14th century. Despite a troubled colonial history, Namibia now enjoys a stable economic and political environment and has is rich in many rare and valuable minerals giving it a solid base from which to develop its economy.

Things to do in Namibia

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Large Carnivore Conservation, Namibia

from £1190

2 - 12 days

The human-wildlife conflict is one of the biggest threats to Namibia’s wildlife. This project aims to mitigate the conflict by...

Kenya to Cape Town Grand Adventurer

from £2175

75 days

An awesome trip for those who want a hands-on adventure with like-minded travellers and who have plenty of time to...

Namibia Wildlife Sanctuary

from £875

14 - 84 days

Experience hands-on volunteering with cheetahs, baboons and much more!

Namibia Desert Elephant Conservation

from £995

14 - 84 days

Join an award winning elephant conservation team to help protect and research the desert elephants.

Namibia – Conservation and Adventure Intertwined

from £1850

30 - 30 days

Program includes: A unique mix of conservation and community projects with wildlife safaris, whitewater rafting, trekking and mountain biking.

Namibian Wildlife Sanctuary

from £775

15 - 85 days

Come and join this fantastic project in the heart of Namibia and get up close and personal with some of...

Conserve elephants in Southern Africa

from £980

14 - 84 days

Help to conserve some of the rarest elephants in the world, the desert elephant.

Carnivore Conservation in Namibia

from £1075

16 days

Assist the team with data collection to help with research on cheetah and leopard releases in the stunning Namib Desert.

Cairo to Cape Town Overland

from £3695

119 days

A trip for those who are happy to rough it and willing to muck in with a group of like-minded...

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