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Our Hostel of the Month this month is WakeUp! Sydney Central where many first time travellers are initiated into the world of backpacking Down Under. WakeUp! is well known as a great place to meet people thanks to its party atmosphere, a great bar, comfy chill-out zone and the friendly staff.

We decided to have a gossip with these guys to find out more about WakeUp!, backpacking in Sydney, the sexiest travellers around and to get some all-important hostel survival tips.

What are the 5 best things about WakeUp!?

1. Location - We're smack bang in the middle of the city, across the road from Sydney's Central Station. That means quick and easy access to all the major attractions including the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and Bondi Beach.

2. Staff - We pride ourselves on our service. Our staff are super friendly and always happy to go the extra mile for you. And when they finish their shift there's a decent chance you could find yourself catching up with them over a beer down in Side Bar!

3. Atmosphere - Some hostels can be a bit stuffy and boring; not this one! There's always something to do and people to meet. A great way to get to know WakeUp! and to meet people is to join one of our free daily activities or to join in on one of our many fancy dress parties.

4. Side Bar - Hands-down the best backpacker bar in Sydney. If you have an older brother or sister who's done a gap year in Oz, we're confident they would've come down to Side Bar at least once while in Sydney. You won't want to miss Wednesday night…

5. Facilities - Fresh and modern, with big clean spacious rooms and bathrooms, plenty of common areas, movie lounge, super-fast internet, secure building, help desk and more!

WakeUp! Hostel Sydney Reception

Can you tell us your top travel tune?

We've seen our fair share of poms shed a tear when our live band plays Wonderwall down in Side Bar!

What advice would you give to someone who wants to work in a hostel while they're travelling?

Make friends with hostel management and be prepared to work odd hours.

What would you say is the best meal to cook in a hostel?

2-minute noodles are hard to beat. Quick, cheap, easy, no clean-up!

One of the only bad things about staying in a hostel is when you end up sharing with a snorer. Do you have any top tips to deal with snorers?

Ear plugs + a couple of Aussie beers down in Side Bar!

And what about if you end up with a frisky couple who are getting jiggy in your dorm?

See above advice for snorers!

WakeUp! Hostel city walk

Can you suggest any alternative things to do in Sydney for backpackers on a budget?

Sydney has plenty of amazing street festivals, exhibits and food and wine fairs, most of which are either cheap or free. We also organise day tours and sports activities every day of the week, all of which are free!

Where would you say is the best place for a backpacker to eat in Sydney?

Your best bet for great cheap food in Sydney is Thai food. Thai food is to Australia what curry is to the UK.

What's your top tip for making friends in hostels?

Travelling solo is the best way to make friends in hostels.

And finally, you must meet a lot of travellers, which nationalities would you say are the:

  • Friendliest: Irish
  • Flirtiest: Swedish
  • Most adventurous: Canadian
  • Creepiest: Italians
  • Smelliest: French
  • Messiest: Brits!
  • Rudest: All nationalities are pretty nice
  • Stingiest: Germans
  • Drunkest: Americans
  • Sexiest: Danes

Heading out at WakeUp! Hostel Sydney

We're not the only ones who love WakeUp! We've been chatting to other gappers and site members and here's what they had to say:

Kylie Mayes

"WakeUp! is a great modern budget hostel in an awesome location - opposite the train station and close to Darling Harbour, the rooms are clean and quiet, the staff are friendly, the bar and other facilities are good, what more could you want for a city stay?!"

Stuart Shirra

"The best thing about WakeUp! Sydney for me was the side bar quiz! Great fun and a great way to meet new people! I also loved the video lounge for those nights when you just wanted to kick back and relax!"

Further Information

WakeUp! is a fresh, modern hostel in the heart of Sydney. You can find out more about them on their website and also on Facebook and Twitter.

If you're a newbie to hostels, check out A First Timers Guide to Hostels and if you're heading to Sydney for the first time then take a look at A Guide to Arriving in Sydney, Australia.

Jump on the message boards if you've got anything to say about WakeUp! or you've got anything to add about the friendliest, funniest, smelliest or sexiest nationalities.