Top 5 Jobs for Summer

How to make the most of your summer holidays

For many, the exam season is over and you're staring out into what seems like an endless summer. You have so many exciting things planned - but how are you going to afford them without the comfort of your student loan? Well fear not, dear student, I have compiled a list of the top 5 summer jobs that offer a mix of fun, excitement and experience that will earn you some pennies for your summer as well as looking great on your CV.

Get festive

If you're a music lover, there's no better way to spend the next three months than travelling around the country with a pocketful of tickets to see some of the biggest live acts in the world. Almost every festival will take on temporary workers, offering a free ticket in exchange for committing to working a few hours over the weekend. You can either apply directly through the festival for different stewardship positions such as ticket collecting and car park attendants or you can work for one of the hundreds of hospitality stalls on site. There are agencies that specialise in staffing huge events who will take your availability and preferred locations and send you all the festivals that are recruiting that match your preferences, so you can possibly work at a different festival every weekend if you are not fussed about driving all over the country!

Get festive

Go camping

Summer camps aren't just for our friends across the pond, there are many companies around the UK offering summer boarding facilities for children on their school holidays. The camps offer outdoor activities as well as arts, crafts, drama and music, so if you are thinking of going into teaching it's a great way to boost your CV while having a lovely time! Some of the companies even have branches in Europe if you have the urge to work overseas this summer, but don't want to go as far afield as the USA.


If you're lucky enough to live by the beach then you can spend the summer pretending to be David Hasselhoff. Most of Britain's public beaches take on lifeguards or beach patrol staff during the summer months as pasty city-dwellers flock to our shores. Lifeguarding is a great summer job as it offers you a lot of responsibility, and is usually paid quite well as you have to have the relevant qualifications. Get searching for local training courses in your area (although be warned, they may set you back a couple of hundred pounds - hence the high wages) and you could be spending your summer as part of the red swimsuit brigade.

Extreme babysitting

Formally known as 'au pairing', you live with a family throughout the summer and look after their children during the day whilst their parents are at work. Much like lifeguarding, you are given a lot of responsibility as an au pair which translates well onto your CV. As well as this, au pairing is a very popular job for people travelling, with many roles available on trips like ski seasons, or extended periods in Australia, so having previous experience will heighten your chances of finding a job on your travels.

The temps are rising

The temps are rising

I know it sounds boring, but getting a temp job can be one of the best things you can do for your CV. After leaving university I worked in an insurance office for three months on a temp contract with 20 other recent graduates. We all started on the same day so it felt like a big gang, not unlike the first few weeks of university, and it was good to know that we were all in the same boat. Although it was far from my dream job, three months of having a steady income plus bonuses was enough to clear my overdraft and save enough money for a deposit on rent after summer. The job also looked great on my CV when applying for graduate roles as it boosted my amount of office experience considerably. Giving up 12 weeks of summer for a bulk sum of money but little free time was a tough choice but ultimately the right one, as it helped me get my job today!

Abbie is the content editor for the UK's number one graduate recruitment website, Milkround, and you can follow her on Twitter @abbieleebee.