Top Gap Year Destinations for 2014

This is where we reckon you should go next year

Time to get planning your 2014 travels! For some people that means only two things: FIFA World Cup in Brazil and the Winter Olympics in Colorado. For others, they might be looking for somewhere different to whip the camera out and go exploring. Based on the team's travels this year and their in depth research for next year, here's the one place we'd each recommend you to go in 2014.

New Zealand

Jan – Web Development

New Zealand in 2014

It’s a stunningly beautiful and relaxed country with a great variety of scenery. There's so much to explore in the country, and if you have a little bit of adrenalin to spare, New Zealand offers many opportunities to fans of extreme sports. There's something for everyone.


Cormac – COO

Stockholm in 2014

With colourful high rise buildings hundreds of years old, picturesque cobbled streets and photographic grandeur everywhere, it might just be my favourite European city. After dark it has an amazing nightlife too. I arrived five days after Halloween and got chatting to a bunch of strangers who'd been out dancing to techno dressed as ghosts, goblins and skeletons, every single night, for an entire week! Throw in a high percentage of stunningly beautiful local people (of both genders) and that's Stockholm in a nutshell.


Ben – Web Development

Kenya in 2014

Awe-inspiring scenery. We were lucky enough to know someone who had been living there for a while, and the journey he organised for us from Nairobi to Lake Turkana, which included camping in national parks along the way, was simply unforgettable.


Erik – BDM

India for 2014

I know it's a cliché but India is still a must do. I wish I had done it when I still had plenty of time to travel around. I think freighter travel would be an awesome experience but maybe that’s just me.

I also think the West Coast of Australia deserves more attention.  


Will – Content and Social Media Pro

Romania Castle

It’s still very cheap compared to its neighbours, the scenery – particularly the Carpathians – is spectacular and perfect for hiking, and it has some awesome castles, including Bran, aka Dracula’s Castle. Great country to hitchhike in, too, so good for the budget-conscious gappers.

Cape Verde

Sarah – BDM

Cape Verde for 2014

Cape verde, because it is amazing, and relatively unspoilt, especially some of the islands. I would just love to explore and guard the giant turtle beds to make sure all the babies get to the sure line. Aww!


Rosz – Product Manager

Philippines for 2014

I'd recommend the Philippines because the islands are beautiful and the people are a friendly bunch. The money will also be a much needed relief in order to overcome the devastation left by typhoon Haiyan.  


Vicky – Content and Social Media Manager

Las Vegas sign for 2014

Next year I’ll be going to Coachella Festival in Nevada. Starting in San Francisco I’ll be road tripping down via LA and then flying to New York from Las Vegas. I have a feeling it’s going to be the best two weeks of my life.  

Where would you recommend a confused gapper to lay their backpack in 2014?