Visas for South East Asia: The #SOtravel Way

Visa information can be confusing - Saunders and Ollie tell it like it is 

If you're searching for visa information for Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos chances are you're very confused. Here's vloggers, Saunders and Ollie, reveal all you need to know about getting your paws on visas for the Indochina route in just two minutes straight.

Saunders and Ollie gap year

It might seem a boring part of travelling, and can sometimes be an expensive one too, but if you don't have the right visas, at the right time, in the right way, you will not be allowed in the country, simple as that. 

You can find out more about visas in our visas section (says what it is) and if you want more on Thailand visas, Cambodia visas, Laos visas or Vietnam visas in particular, just ask Saunders and Ollie on Twitter using the #SOtravel hashtag.