Vaccinations for South East Asia 

Ollie and Saunders reveal what jabs they had for their big trip along the Indochina route 

Vaccinations. Just like visas they're definitely not the most fun part of travelling, but they're definitely one of the most important. You only have to look at the symptoms of Malaria, the description of Japanese Encephalitis and this article on the five most petrifying parasites to confirm that you should do everthing within your power not to get any of the above on your gap year, or in your life.

Ollie and Saunders are travelling from Thailand, to Cambodia, to Vietnam, to Laos, and the poor little soldiers had to go and get their vaccinations before they went.

As smaller versions of themselves they'd had Polio and Tetanus. 

In the end they had Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Typhoid, Malaria, Japanese Encephalitis. Apparently Ollie is a wuss and scared of needles - let's make him get a tattoo. They say they're up for a challenge so Tweet them @gapyeardotcom using #SOtravel and we can use our Tweeting power to boss them around. 

Vaccinations for South East Asia

Sounds like they didn't bother with Rabies, but you do what's right for you.  

You should always check with your local travel nurse before you go away as what you need in different areas often changes. As Saunders recommends, check out for up to the date information.