How to Manage Your Travel Money

Tips on the best way to use money abroad

Our live gap year vloggers Saunders and Ollie are back, this time with top advice on how to manage those all-important finances when you’re abroad.

The boys are about to embark on an epic journey throughout Southeast Asia, but before they go they’ve had to organise the same sorts of things you would, if you were also going travelling. These include figuring out what visas and vaccinations they need, working out a route, and now, finally, how to manage their money when they’re away.

The boys have opted for MasterCard’s ‘Cash Passports’, which are prepaid currency cards that can be used to withdraw cash from ATMs anywhere in the world free of charge. These cards can be delivered to your house before you go; all you have to do is activate them. (Right, Ollie?)

They also note the importance of having a bit of back-up cash about your person at all times, just in case you get caught short in a tricky situation. It’s also a good idea to spread this cash throughout a few different pockets and bag compartments, so if you are the victim of pickpocketing you’ll only lose a small portion of your total amount.

When it comes to cash, each individual Southeast Asian country has its own currency, but pretty much everywhere accepts US Dollars, so having a stash of those is probably most convenient.

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