Avoid Giving the Rents Heart Failure

Because some things are just better left unsaid

1. “You know Mike?! The one who got the school shut down for being a suspected drug den? Yeah, that’s who I’m going with.”

2. “I managed to get a credit card with a £5k limit. I used your house as collateral.”

3. “Don’t worry, if all else fails you’ve blessed me with a body the guys love.”

4. “If you don’t send me money when I need it I’ll start selling drugs”

Parents and your gap year

5. “Erm, I may have got a bit distracted planning my gap year route. Don’t worry about my A Level results, don’t even think about it.”

6. “I’m going for the world record in how many buckets I can down in a night.”

7. “No point in getting insurance, waste of money – I’ll be alright.”

8. “I just want to go to somewhere different – I’m thinking Iraq, or Syria.”

9. “I’m writing a blog as I go – aroundtheworldin80shags.com.”

Parents and your gap year

10. “I’ve just got to deliver this package from Ibiza to Peru and the whole gap year is paid for, no worries.”

11. “I’ve got a starring role in Bangkok Uncovered.”

12. “I’ve got great granny’s jewellery – thought the pearls would look really nice against my tan in Brazil.”

13. “The hostel is only 50p a night, my camera will be fine.”

14. “Nah, I don’t need to learn the laws. I’ll just say I’m from England and it’s different, it’ll be fine.”

15. “We’ve rented a car in Angola.”

Backpackers gap year

16. “I’m cycling the Death Road in Bolivia.”

17. “Kirsty’s mum has paid for her whole gap year for her, just saying.”

18. “It’s not fair, why are you only buying the flight?”

19. “See what happens, maybe I’ll come back and go to uni, maybe I won’t.”

Can you think of any more? What would really rile your parents up?