Pepperoni Travel Map Provides Essential Info for Pepperoni Lovers

Knowing your pepperoni, from your peperoni...

Mmm, pepperoni. Juicy, salty, spicy, pepperoni. The stuff we just love to slap on pizzas. Hugely popular, thinly sliced, flavoursome meat.

Or… is it? All may not be as it seems.

We’ve been doing some digging around those pesky language barriers and discovered some startling information. The results of our investigative ingenuity can only really be displayed – and indeed comprehended – with a highly complex infographic. It will help you negotiate the precarious pepperoni landscape without ever resorting to the phrase ‘Dough!’

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A final word for Italian travellers.

If you would like to order pepperoni in Italy, ask for salamino piccante.

Consume with consideration.