Iceland Through the Lenses of Many

Iceland is a world of unbelievable beauty - so much so that during my journey along it's south coast, I had to pinch myself to make sure I hadn't fallen asleep and begun dreaming about being on the moon. Towering mountains and volcanoes give way to black, jagged lava fields that stretch on to the horizon, via the odd giant blue ice cap or cascading waterfall.

But to present a photo essay made up of these scenes alone would be misleading. Every grand feat of nature I went to visit had 43 other human beings standing between it and me, taking photos, because of course you'd want to take photos - it's hard to resist catching such otherworldly landscapes on film. 

But it made me uneasy, because I didn't want to take exactly the same photographs as everybody else. So in between trying to capture these natural wonders without all the crowds in the frame, I did exactly the opposite, and included the crowds.   

Because this is how I saw Iceland - not just with my own eyes but through a lens, along with several thousand people also viewing it through a lens.

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Christina Owen blogs at Rainbow Roadtrip. You can see more of her photography on her Flickr profile.