Take Your Pick of Golden Beaches

With kilometres upon kilometres of beaches that are envied world over how do you choose which of the Gold Coast’s incredible beaches to delve into? Well here's a rundown of some of our favourites to make a start on, at least.

Surfers Paradise

This beach certainly lives up to its name, with a three kilometre stretch of white sand, swept by irresistibly, perfect surf-able waves. The district is also Queensland’s nightlife hub and a bustling shopping area. So check out this famous beach either for the waves, cocktails or a new wardrobe.


Named after a 19th century shipwreck this beach is the place to head if you’re looking for a slower pace, a place to take the famously aussie laid-back way of life down another notch. The beach marks the technical end of the Gold Coast, and round the bluff is New South Wales. The beach boasts world class surfing opportunities, so grab a board and grab some waves.

Burleigh Heads

Burleigh Heads is the home of many international surfing competitions; the surf is just that good. The beach is protected by the headland so not only is it a great surf location but a safe protected dip for swimmers and body boarders too if you are not quite ready to stand on a piece of plastic as it hurtles towards the hard greeting of the sand.

Mermaid Beach

Named for the river that flows down to the shore, which was in turn titled after the explorer John Uxley’s cutter, Mermaid Beach is a quiet stretch of sand. It’s also next to Hedge Avenue, probably the most expensive stretch of property on the Australian coastline, dubbed 'Millionaire's Mile.'

Nobby Beach

If you’re looking for a quieter beach Nobby may be the one for you. Normally hosting families the lovely stretch of sand gained its name from a bullock that went wandering in the 1800s and was eventually found there.


This beach is the home of the renowned Kurrawa Surf Life Saving Club which regularly hosts the Australia Life Saving Championships. When you’ve worn yourself out being pounded in the surf just a short walk inland is a choice of entertainment, bars and restaurants, including Dracula’s Cabaret Restaurant. Yup, really.


This lovely clean beach is often the landing site for parasails and skydivers, who favour the soft sand when falling from the sky. If that terrifying idea doesn’t appeal the area is celebrated as one of the best surf spots for both beginners and as a challenge to the experienced surfer.

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