Summertime, The Weather is Fine

Ah, July, herald of the UK’s annual exodus overseas, the time of year in which we abandon our native land in search of superior sand, sunshine, and... something else sibilant.  

It’s a month we’re going to awkwardly coin the Perfect Storm of Travel, and then never use that phrase again: school and university finish up for the summer, freeing students and teachers alike; adults yoked to the sagging belly of full-time employment have annual leave to burn; everybody has had the chance to save up their pennies.

Travelling in July also offers the advantage of you not having to go too far afield to find sunshine. ‘Tis the season for Europe to blossom, while popular Asian destinations get soaked by monsoon season. Suck that, Thailand!

So, where the heck should you travel in July? We have a few ideas.


Visit Iceland in July

You may have noticed that we recommend Iceland at pretty much every opportunity presented to us. There’s a reason for that: it’s bloody amazing!

Iceland in July might not seem the most logical time to visit. There’ll be no snow and titular ice, and certainly no chance of seeing the Northern Lights. But you’ll trade them for warmer temperatures, a background of lush greenery for all the famous natural wonders, and days of up to 20 hours long in which to enjoy it all.


Croatia in July is the perfect destination for sun-soaked beaches and incredible coastline. Around this time of year the Dalmatian coast basks in toasty Mediterranean sunshine, with only the very smallest chance of rain.

You could happily never leave the beach, but head a little inland and you’ll find plenty to keep you busy. Split is a beautiful, historic city just off the Dalmatian Coast, and capital city Zagreb perfectly captures how the country’s traditions have blended with its impressive modern credentials.

Pamplona, Spain

Pamplona in July

You probably know Pamplona for one thing, and July is when that one thing happens. Yes, bulls are unleashed onto the streets, offering brave idiots the chance to run for their lives and try to avoid gaining a new orifice or two.

It’s all part of the San Fermin festival, which also traditionally includes exhibitions of Basque rural sports, the giants and big-heads parade (puppets and costumes, not a freak show), and huge fireworks displays.

Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta in July

Okay, if you are looking to go further afield, you could do a lot worse than Jakarta in July. It marks the beginning of the dry season in Indonesia’s capital, and the average high temperature is 32 degrees Celsius, so we hope you like it warm.

It’s a fantastic city to spend a few days. Daytimes offer sprawling street markets and the old town Kota Tua, with its Dutch colonial streets to wander around, while the night plays host to a diverse range of restaurants, bars, and clubs.


Madagascar in July

July is an ideal time to visit the unique and beguiling island nation of Madagascar. At this time of year the rainy season has just passed, leaving the landscapes lush and green, and the temperature in the dry southwest is cool and pleasant, at least compared to the brutal heat of summer.

It’s also a good time to see baby lemurs (and who doesn’t want to see baby lemurs?) and watch for humpback whales on Ile Sainte-Marie, an island off the east coast of Madagascar. You might also find fewer fellow tourists at this time of year, which is always a bonus.

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