Travel Blogging: Advice for Bloggers

Travel Blog Advice

Travel blogging is huge; there are literally millions of travel blogs out there. In many ways travel blogging has democratised travel writing in general, which until relatively recently was the sole privilege of an extremely small group of people.

In this section you’ll find advice on how to write that perfect blog post, how to set up a blog in the first place and top recommendations for some of the best blogs out there.

For all its awesomeness, one of the downsides of travelling can be mental inactiveness, so a blog gives you a great opportunity to focus your mind once every few days on an intellectual pursuit. It can also provide a gateway into the travel industry, either as a travel writer or photographer, as your blog will allow you to showcase exactly what you’re capable of without having to go through endless editors and pitches before being seen. It’s also a fun and creative way to keep your friends and family up to date on where you are and what you’re doing.