How to Become a Travel Writer

Advice on Travel Writing

Whilst travelling people often wonder how to become a travel writer. Travel writing is a great way to share your experiences with the world but with every man and his dog thinking they’re the next  Paul Theroux it’s easy to get lost amongst all the travel blogs. If you’re thinking about submitting a piece to check out the Writer's Academy and then email your pitch to If you're thinking about starting up your own blog then follow some handy hints to help you write effortlessly throughout your travels.

Think carefully about what you want to write about and avoid writing about places you’ve never been too. If you’re just regurgitating Wikipedia is it even worth writing about? Make sure everything you write about is well researched and from your point of view. Kick off the piece with a punchy intro and ensure you’ve covered the essential; What? Where? When? Why? Who?

You’re writing about your experiences, right? So make it personal and keep it to first person. Double check the accuracy of all your facts and avoid clichés.