Travel and the Environment

Articles on Environmental Issues

There is a myriad of different travel and the environment issues that a gap year traveller is exposed to whilst on their adventures. From carbon footprints to greenhouse gases to saving the habitats of endangered species; a gap year traveller has a lot to think about in regards to how their gap year will affect the travel and the environment issues facing the world today. But, there are ways to help.

If you have an interest in environmental issues there are a number of projects the world over shouting out for volunteers. Conservation projects can focus on re-forestation, nursing sick and injured animals or marine issues such as conserving coral reefs just to name a few. With so many different programs on offer it is imperative that you confirm the exact cost of the project (if any) and confirm where the money will go once you’ve paid up (is it kept within the local community or distributed for admin costs elsewhere). Most project volunteers do not need a specific skill set or background of qualifications, just a can-do attitude and the need to do their bit for the world’s environment.

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