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2016: The Year of Travel, No Excuses!

Do Not Let Anything Stop You

There are few better times than the beginning of a shiny new year to make your travel dreams a glorious reality. Whether you’re gripped by the early stages of wanderlust, or painstakingly piecing an itinerary together, or getting ready to pack and head to the airport, we’re here to make this whole backpacking business a piece of cake.
2016 is the year of travel. Here’s how to make it happen for you.


Afford a gap year
Travel ain’t cheap. But you’d be surprised how far you can go on a tight budget. Put your mind to it, and you really can save enough money for an amazing gap year, even if you’re working a minimum wage job.
There’s also a huge number of fundraising ideas you can try to improve your funds – some of these might seem embarrassing at first, but if you want to travel badly enough, you should try EVERYTHING to make it happen. Pride is for the miserable.
If affording your dream gap year seems impossible, try breaking it all down and working out a budget. Once you have a concrete idea of what you need to achieve, you can launch a proper plan of action to make it happen.

Get inspired

Get inspired to travel
Alright, if you’re here already, you probably don’t need much encouragement to travel. But nothing will make you stick to your saving goals like imagining all the amazing things you’re going to see (and how jealous your friends will be when they look at your Instagram).
Whenever you’re having second thoughts (and you probably will), think how amazing it’ll feel to island hop around Fiji, or to drive the Great Ocean Road in Australia, or to take your first steps on the toasty sand of a Thailand beach. These are memories you will cherish forever.


Plan your gap year
You probably have some idea of where you want to go in the world, but now it’s time to make some decisions. We recommend you don’t try and cram too much into one trip; rushing across the world leaves no time to enjoy the adventure.
We have a comprehensive Plan Your Trip section on the site, which covers pretty much every travel option available to you. There are tickets that’ll take you all around the world in one long trip, but there are also short gap years, InterRail tickets, tours, volunteering opportunities and so many more. No matter your situation, there’s a travel option to suit you.
You’ll also find plenty of info on accommodation, travel kit, visas, staying healthy when you travel, and more.
Planning can seem like a pain in the arse, but it’ll be so worth it when everything is in place.


Book your gap year
The most nerve-racking moment of travelling is actually pulling the trigger on the whole thing. That makes it REAL. No turning back! But don’t feel daunted; think instead how great it’ll feel to make your dreams a reality.
To give yourself total peace of mind, don’t skip any of the above steps, no matter how keen you are to get going. Proper planning and budgeting will quickly smack down any stabs of anxiety.
Next, we recommend taking a look at our Book Your Trip section. You’ll find a MASSIVE range of travel options and great prices to fit all budgets and ambitions. You can also call 0333 333 9923 to talk to one of our travel experts – they can talk you through everything, offer advice, and put together a unique itinerary just for you. Whatever you need!

Get ready to go

Now all you have to do is sit back and wait, right?
Well, not quite. There are practical matters to consider, like what kind of backpack to take (you’re going to be living out of it, after all), how you’re going to meet new people on your travels, and if you’re going to document your adventures while you travel.
Get all of this sorted out early, and you really can just sit back and wait to embark on the greatest adventure of your life. It’s going to be AMAZING.
Here’s to 2016, the year of travel!

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