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5 Facts about the World’s Longest Flight

Nobody enjoys a long haul flight. After several hours in the air you forget the smell of fresh air, seriously consider murdering the people sitting next to you, and begin to pray for a blood clot to form in your leg and travel to your brain just to end the agony.
So imagine taking Emirates flight EK448 between Auckland, New Zealand, and Dubai, UAE, the longest nonstop flight in the world (as of March 2016). Here are some fast facts to put it in perspective.
Passenger plane interior

1. The flight covers 14,200km, or 8,823 miles. That’s over one-third of the Earth’s entire circumference (24,901 miles).
2. Passengers will spend around 17 hours and 15 minutes in the air. In that time you could watch the entire first two seasons of Breaking Bad, with ample time for toilet breaks.
3. Despite the distance covered, the flight only passes over three countries between destinations – Australia, Maldives and Oman. Most of the flight is over the Indian Ocean.
4. The Boeing 777-200LR is used for the route, a huge passenger aircraft that costs US$296million. For that amount you could buy Beyonce’s house in the New York Hamptons nearly seven times over.
5. In December 2016, Qatar Airways will launch nonstop flights between Doha and Auckland. At 14,536km, or 9,032 miles, this will become the new longest nonstop flight in the world.

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