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5 Frickin’ Awesome Travel Videos

At gapyear.com we’re always on the lookout for awe-inspiring travel videos to get you in the mood for your gap year. That’s why we thought it’d be a good idea to show you our top 5 travel videos.

All 5 travel videos are awesome in every sense of the world and every time we watch one we want to pack our bags and hit the road again. Hopefully you’ll feel the same way.

Watch them, share them, be inspired to travel…

1. Speeding Around the World

2. Make it Count

3. The Roads Less Travelled

4. Human Slingshot

5. The Longest Way

Further Information

Continuing down the inspirational route, check out our articles on Gap Year Ideas and Top 10 Gap Year Destinations. Hopefully they’ll give you a wee bit of motivation on your gap year!

Also, if you’re looking to book your round the world trip then make sure you head over to our planning section for more advice and information.

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