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Frequently Asked Questions: RTW Tickets

Written by: Lucy Jane Ayad

Every year we get the same questions about round the world tickets. We thought, instead of constantly answering your questions that we’d write an article about it. Trust us, it’s easier this way. So, if you have a question about round the world tickets, see if it’s here first. If it’s not, jump onto the message boards and ask it! Still, we think we’ve got most of your frequently asked questions about round the world tickets covered…

Frequently Asked Questions about RTW tickets

What is a round the world ticket?

A round the world ticket is a series of pre-booked flights taking you from country to country. This can be in a clockwise, anticlockwise, or out and back the same way (more commonly known as a multi-stop ticket).

How much is a round the world ticket?

The simplest round the world tickets can start from as little as £879 (even cheaper if you manage to get a deal), with the top end tickets costing well over £3,500. Typically they cost around £1,200 – £1,500 and that gets you five or six stops and a couple of internal flights.

Which destinations can I travel to?

Pretty much anywhere that has international flights. There are thousands of possible routes. You can either get a pre-planned trip, and there are dozens available, or create your own route.
The best thing to do is look at a map and make a list of the places that you simply have to visit (your must do’s), the places that you’d like to visit (your would like to’s), and the places you wouldn’t mind visiting (if you really had to…)
Once you’ve done that you can call our experts on 0333 333 9923 and speak to a specialised travel consultant. They’ll be able to help plan your destinations into a logical order and, perhaps most importantly, work out the best price for your dream trip!
If you’re really stuck then a particularly inspiring route is this one – London » Delhi (make your own way to) Kathmandu » Singapore » Hong Kong » Sydney (make your own way to) Brisbane » Auckland » San Francisco (make your own way to) Los Angeles » London – which is aptly called the World Voyage.

What is the best route?

The most popular routes from Britain are clockwise via the US, the Pacific Islands, New Zealand, Australia and South East Asia and anticlockwise (the same in reverse). Most first-time British backpackers go anticlockwise because this means they can do the easier destinations before the slightly more challenging ones. It also means doing the more expensive places first, leaving you to blow your remaining money where its cheapest!

We've got your questions covered

How many stops does my ticket include?

Basic round the world tickets will have as little as three stops, right up to the maximum permitted 15. However, in reality, the average round the world trip will have five or six stops.

Can I take an unlimited number of flights within one ticket?

Not exactly. Round the world tickets are either based on the number of stops you take or the number of miles that you fly. However, things start to get a little bit complicated here so as always it’s best to speak to an expert who can work out the best ticket for your trip.

When is the cheapest time to travel?

As a general rule the cheapest time of year to depart the UK is mid-April to mid-June, closely followed by mid-August to the end of November. In order to get the best deal, you need to be flexible on your departure date as ticket costs can jump up £200 from one day to the next. Travel over the busy Christmas period could be almost double that of the cheapest dates – as ever, make sure you do your research!

How long are the tickets valid for?

Most of them are valid for one year from the date of the first flight shown on the ticket.

Can I change my travel dates?

Yes, you can, this is often free although in some instances you may need to pay an airline change fee (boo). This may cost anywhere from £30 to £100.
However, good news! The Round the World Experts Travel Butler service never charges any admin fees, so you’ll only ever pay the airlines fee. That means you get to save your cash to actually travel!
Students and those under 26 often get free date changes on tickets where those on standard ticket don’t; it’s always worth asking when booking.
Cheaper tickets are also often a lot less flexible; if paying £100 more for your ticket saves you £200 in dates change fees further down the line, then it may just be worth it!

Do I need to take out travel insurance?

Yes, definitely. Travel insurance is always vital on a round the world trip. Should anything happen you can have the peace of mind of knowing that you are covered both medically and for your possessions.

How can I find out if it’s safe to travel to certain destinations?

Check the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website at www.fco.gov.uk for the most up-to-date travel advice.

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