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Written by: Cormac Scanlan

Turning a US Road Trip on its Head

Road trips across America are the thing of legend and a hugely popular way to travel around the United States. For photographer Alex Wein, his own road trip has taken him all across the States (and occasionally beyond), and has quite literally turned his world upside down.

Over the last 2 years, Alex has been placing himself in landscape photos, carefully balancing himself on his well-worn elbows, and adding to his ever growing “Headstands” photoset (before the blood runs to his head too much).

From the traffic jammed streets of Memphis, to the cemetery in Louisiana, Alex has braved a lot for his art; he’s even followed in the footsteps of many a lucky film star and got naked in a hot tub in Hollywood.

Working with photographers Matt Martin and Kevin Mason, the Oakland-based artist likes to mix the iconic sights of America – such as the Washington Monument and the Grand Canyon – with grittier scenes real life and urban decay from real lesser known locations.

When it comes to taking travel and effectively weaving in a simple but creative idea, we feel Alex has really nailed it!


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