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Taking a Busabout Tour: Q & A


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Written by: Gapyear.com

Our friends over at Busabout have been chatting to some of their happy customers, and we thought we’d share the answers. Covering everything from advice for parents to the type of person a Busabout tour is best suited for, in this article you’ll find out everything you need to know to inspire your own trip!

What was your favourite thing about your Busabout trip?

The flexibility of being able to do what we wanted during the trip and having the option to change our plans last minute if we felt like it. It was also great to be able to talk to other travellers and get their advice on the places they’d been to. And obviously it was brilliant to have an incredibly friendly tour guide on hand to tell us about the history and culture of each place we visited!

What advice would you give someone considering a Busabout trip?

BOOK IT.  Best decision I ever made! Just don’t book accommodation too far ahead, embrace changes of plans, take advantage of guide knowledge, and any welcome activities when arriving in a new city.

What kind of person is a Busabout trip best suited for?

A wide range of people, from young people who have just finished school, to uni students, to people who have waited a little longer to travel. Basically, anyone who wants an affordable flexible way to travel through Europe or Asia.

Any advice for parents of young people considering Busabout?

For a first trip alone overseas, a Busabout trip is a perfect way to have that experience. People get the best of both worlds, as they’re looked after by fantastic guides on every bus, but also get to experience everything at their own pace.

Why choose Busabout over the alternatives, like InterRailing?

It worked out to be cheaper and more convenient than InterRailing, but offered the flexibility and independence that we wanted. Plus the fact we got to meet lots of new people (because it is hop-on-hop-off) instead of just one group like on a normal tour.

Was your trip easy to organise?

Yes, because of the Busabout MyTrip system, which allowed us to log in and plan our trip across the network, reserving spots on buses and even putting deposits on recommended accommodation! It’s good because it didn’t cost us anything to make reservations, or change them. We met lots of people travelling in different ways, like on trains, and they had loads of unexpected costs and had to spend hours in queues to make sure they got seats.

How does Busabout differ from other tour companies?

With Busabout you are not locked into one group for weeks on end; with the hop-on hop-off network you have a new group of people to travel with every day. You can then plan your trip around who you get on best with. They also have mini tours, which take you off the beaten track a bit or cover cool festivals.

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