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Ten Awesome Travel Blogs


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Written by: Anne Eyre

Travel blogs just keep getting better and better, both in terms of design and the quality of their content, be it writing, pictures or videos. Here at gapyear.com we spend more time than is healthy browsing travellers’ tales, so we decided to ask our Facebook fans to paste links to their blogs to see if there were any we hadn’t uncovered.
The response was great: we were suddenly flooded with a deluge of brilliant travel content.

You should definitely spend time exploring all of them (click on the ‘Comments’ button above), but for our personal favourites (and it was a tough choice) check out the list below:

Another Hodophile

Becky McGillveray
Becky caught the travel bug after studying for a year in Norway and has since explored much of Europe and Central America. Our favourite thing about her site is her collection of stunning photos, in particular her wildlife shots from Central America.

That Time In

Carl Forbes
A really slick looking travel blog which covers a variety of cool locations in Asia and Europe, including Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iceland and Spain. Carl began blogging to combat his post travel blues – and hasn’t looked back! His photo posts from Barcelona are particularly awesome.

Backpacker Banter

Chris Stevens
Beware: some serious banter going on here. But there’s also tons of tips from this surfing photographer and travelling pro. Check out his gorgeous photos, especially the Angry Monkey in Bali (which may put you off zoos for a while).

Travel Dave

Dave Brett
Dave took his first gap year eight years ago and since then has been roaming the world, clocking up more than 70 countries. His blog has everything covered: articles, photography, podcasts and an incredible number of videos presented by the man himself. Oh, he’s also written a book.

The Cosy Traveller

Emily Ray
Self-confessed travel obsessive Emily shows through her inspirational – and very stylish – blog that combining a travel and work lifestyle is perfectly possible, having visited parts of Asia, Europe, the Middle East, the Caribbean, Australia and North America, all while studying for a degree and working a full time job. It’s all about finding those little gaps of opportunity to explore!

She Went Where?

This American gal is an inspiration to all wannabe travellers with a day job – she sold her dream house and gave up her sparkling career to live on the go and see the world. Her blog follows her amazing journey across Europe and beyond.

Mo Around the World

Monique Joris
Mo is in the middle of her adventure year. She took off after completing her studies and her awesome blog is tracking her travels across South America, the Pacific and Asia. Visit her ‘Dreams’ page for a really cool list of travel ideas!

Loose Balloon

The friendly Irish couple behind this blog have created a really cool space brimming with travel tips and advice and tales of their adventures, which have taken them from Thailand to Tibet. Look out for the ‘New Zealand Landscapes’ gallery – some truly stunning shots.

Roo Around the World

Rusja Foster
Roo’s passion for travel is contagious and her hostel reviews are super useful. She’s already ticked off plenty from her bucket list, but not yet our favourite item: “Spend a month saying ‘yes’ to everything.” Can’t wait to see how that one turns out!

The Broke Backpacker

Will Hatton
This blog is a must for all skint globetrotters out there. Will’s ridiculous and random photos match his great advice which covers things ranging from what to buy, where to stay and how to haggle. Check out his ‘Faces of Asia’. Oh yeah, he also rides ostriches and uses rocks to work out.

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