How to Make Friends Abroad

Advice on Making Friends Abroad

Meeting people on your gap year can be one of the biggest challenges of being away from all that you know at home. It’s often the number one worry of anyone about to embark on a gap year. Meeting people abroad is just like meeting people at home though. In fact, it’s actually a lot easier as everyone else will be desperate to make friends too. If you fake a bit of confidence to start I can guarantee you’ll enjoy your gap year more. Most people returning from their gap year will cite the people they met as one of the best things about the whole year.

You already have something in common with the other travellers, the fact that you’re travelling. The obvious opener questions include ‘Where’ve you been?’ ‘What have you been up to today?’ and ‘Where are you from?’. As soon as you have the initial newbie awkwardness out of the way you can get started on the meaty conversation and actually make friends. For more on meeting people abroad, read on…