10 Things That Annoy Me About Travelling

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Written by: Samantha Hussey

It’s Not All Sunsets and Good Times

I love travel. I’ve been to so many places you could definitely say I was a seasoned traveller. But however much I love travel, there are just a few things that really niggle at me every time I go away.

1. Packing

I hate the packing process, especially for trips that require special equipment or clothes. A normal weekend city break or a beach holiday is pretty easy, but packing for trips with multiple weather climates and landscapes gets a bit tricky. I can never quite get the balance between packing too much or packing too little!

Packing tips

2. Flight delays

Unfortunately flight delays are beyond our control and there isn’t much you can do about them. I always pack a wash kit with my essentials in whenever I go away just in case my backpacks disappear and for longhaul flights. A small hairbrush, toothbrush and toothpaste, my YSL Touche Éclat and some lip balm to prevent cracked lips are all you need.

Also make sure if you have a long delay that you check with your airline to see what you are entitled to in terms of meal vouchers or compensation.

3. Jetlag

They say “West is Best, East is a Beast” and they aren’t kidding! There is no way to avoid Jetlag or the horrible side effects that come with it, and studies have found it takes a whole day to recover from each time zone we travel through! Yikes!

4. Public toilets

On long haul flights aeroplane toilets can get pretty gross, and that’s even before I have landed in whichever destination I am visiting. I’ve done my fair share of squatting over holes in the ground, and finding out there is no toilet paper. (Number one rule – always take a roll of toilet paper with you just in case!) And of course when you have a case of jippy belly, there is never a toilet in sight!

5. Language barriers

Language barriers travelling

Whenever I travel I always try to learn the essentials of “Hello” “Thank You” “Goodbye” etc… but there are also instances where I want to ask the locals questions. Not questions of “Where is the nearest bus stop?” or “How do I get to…?” but questions about what they do for a living, who they are, and questions about their life.

6. Foreign currencies

I have a love hate relationship with the Euro. While I love being able to visit so many countries in Europe with one currency, I hate that most of those countries are the most expensive to visit.

money and foreignc currency

Having lived in the UK for most of my life and then moved to the Czech Republic where their local currency is koruna, every day of my life I am converting it back to UK Stirling. So I’m pretty used to it. But with some currencies like Vietnamese Dong you are better off carrying a calculator with you on your travels!

7. Haggling

In some countries I’ve visited haggling is an everyday occurrence from taxi rides to markets. Its unavoidable, and while you know you’re being ripped off on that “hand-made souvenir” you buy it anyway!

8. Touts

I hate it when you are hassled by touts, and a simple no thank you is not enough. More times than often it is in tourist attractions you want to visit and therefore cannot avoid. While you know most of them are simply trying to make an honest living (I said most not all), being hassled to buy more postcards or another rip off souvenir can sometimes put you off visiting open markets where you’ll often find most of the interesting local life occurs.

9. Guidebooks

guide books

I have two reasons I hate guidebooks. One because they are out of date the minute they are printed and that hotel you wanted to stay at no longer exists! Secondly because I truly believe having a guidebook hinders you from truly exploring a destination.

10. Leaving

During some of my longer trips away I sometimes get homesick, whether it is missing home comforts, western food, my own comfy bed or a hot shower. But when it is time to leave I never feel quite ready to return home.

About the author

Samantha has a love for travel and has been working in the travel industry for over seven years. She is a full time travel blogger at The Wandering Wanderluster and has a passion for eco-tourism and sharing travel inspiration to off the beaten path places. She is currently based in Prague, Czech Republic.

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