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Written by: Adam Partridge

From a coastline drenched in stars, to a fiery pit of doom, the world we live in has some amazing sights to see and for those who are planning a trip or two, these locations are ones they need to consider. Not all of the vistas in the world are catalogued and easy to find, so below some of the less travelled roads are featured. For those who are looking for some travel destinations that are a little bit different from the classic tourist stops, these epic scenes maybe the ones you’ve been looking to immerse yourself in.

The Danzia landform, China

The rocks where rainbows sleep. This collision of colours is the result of over 24 million years of mineral deposits settling down over the red sandstone of the mountain range. The seamless stripes that coat the terrain give the impression that the land itself has been graffitied over with chalk. This vibrant landscape gives backpackers a unique hiking experience to add to their travelling memoirs, including sights of naturally formed rock towers, waterfalls and ravines.

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

For those who have always wanted to touch the sky but have a fear of heights, the world’s largest mirror image of it can be found on the salt flats of Bolivia. Boundaries are blurred between the land and the sky, as the horizon becomes swallowed by the wild blue yonder. Prehistorically, it was created from the combination of multiple ancient lakes; presently it draws people from far and wide to marvel at its reflection. For the majority of the year, Salar De Uyuni stands as a shining white desert of salt, however when the seasonal flooding occurs the flats become a location where you can walk amongst clouds. The locale calls to photographers and travellers alike to capture what is considered by some to be the photo opportunity of a lifetime.

Sea of Stars, Maldives

The stunning vista of the Sea of Stars on Vaadhoo Island makes this destination a romantic sight for couples to enjoy. Bioluminescent phytoplankton claims the credit for the blue lights that coat the shore, making the natural spectacle appear as though it was a scene straight from from James Cameron’s Avatar. The relaxing view makes it easy to dispel the worries of everyday life and appreciate the rewards travelling has to offer. Who needs the neon lights of Vegas when you can find an organic lightshow like this?

Son Doong cave, Vietnam

This is the world’s largest cave and contains its own jungle and river. The 2 – 5 million year old cavern’ located in Quang Binh Province in Vietnam and only discovered 20 years ago, was forged by river water eroding the limestone base of the mountain, resulting in the inevitable collapse of its roof. The genesis of the cavern discloses the reasoning behind its name of Son Doong, translating into “mountain river cave”.

Mendenhall Ice Caves, USA

Located in the state of Alaska, USA, the gargantuan Mendenhall Glacier contains extraordinary ice caverns unlike any other in the world. The bluish hue, clear streams and warped natural architecture give an otherworldly feel to the location, all enforced by the ghostly mist that floats over the cavern floor. Sadly this unique and alien set of caves is melting away due to global warming, opening up new landscapes and releasing ancient trees from their icy imprisonment, meaning travellers should make this place a priority before the view fades away.

Lake Hillier, Australia

This natural phenomenon causes the mind to wander to a world where lakes of strawberry milk exist. The cause of the flamingo-pink colouring of Lake Hillier, Australia has yet to be confirmed, though it is assumed that the reaction between its natural salts, sodium bicarbonate and red halophilic bacteria are responsible for the bright pool of pink.

Door to Hell, Turkmenistan

The ‘Door to Hell’, as it’s known to locals, is a natural gas field that was set alight by Soviet scientists over 40 years ago and has been burning ever since. The crater, located in the middle of the Karakum Desert near the village of Derweze, is 70 metres across and 20 metres deep, and has since attracted pyromanic tourists from the world over.

Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

This romantic tunnel of greenery is a perfect example of the potential synchronicity between nature and manmade structures. The train that runs through this leafy passageway carved its way through the woodland area only to have the trees it races through adapt to its shape and grow into this biological structure. Currently, the tunnel of love is frequented by young couples to enjoy a stroll through and even make wishes, which are said to only come true if their love is sincere.

Enchanted Well, Brazil

Sinking to a depth of 40 metres, the Enchanted Well in Brazil’s Chapada Diamantina National Park has such pristinely clean water you can see right to the bottom. Between the months of April and September, a ray of sunlight glimpses into the cavern and illuminates the entrancing pool, offering travellers a chance to see the glowing blue water for a limited time only.

Fly Geyser, USA

Located in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, the Fly Geyser is a by-product of a geothermic drilling company attempting to harvest the heated water it now disperses. The water however was unsuitable for their desired purposes and abandoned, allowing the geyser to form. The thermophilic algae that coats the geyser rock is the source of the array of colours that it showcases and has thrived in the geysers micro-climate.  Multiple terraces scattered around the geyser catch the water it blasts into the air, leading up to it like steps to a crash-landed alien spaceship.

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