15 Reasons Why Papua New Guinea is Awesome

Written by: Vicky Philpott

I first came across Papua New Guinea last year. I mean, I knew it existed, I knew where it was geographically, but that was about all I knew. Then I watched a Departures episode on Papua New Guinea and I immediately fell in love. It looked like such a bright and beautiful country with so much to see and do. I was hooked. It was officially on my list of top 10 places to visit.

Since then, I’ve done my research, and I’ve worked out Papua New Guinea is awesome and here are 15 reasons why:

1. This laughing fat guy on the left

2. These little scallywags playing hide and seek

3. This boat that looks like a random plank of wood

4. This place that’s as green as Ireland

5. The best nose ring you’ll ever see

6. The fact that flowers make these kids so smiley

7. This guy who dreams of being a shark

8. The best plane shot you’ll ever see

9. These guys who didn’t realise Waterworld was a film

10. This awesome duck face

11. This guy who thinks he’s a crocodile

12. This girl with some old school face paint

13. The houses are on stilts

14. This guy who likes to draw on his eyebrows

15. And what’s there to say about these guys!?

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