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25 Reasons To Visit Cuba on Your Gap Year

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Vicky Philpott

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Written by: Victoria Philpott

Just In Case You Need Any More Reason Other Than That It’s Awesome

Cuba is a little island in the Carribbean, which is actually one of the largest. It’s well known for its colourful houses, rum and cigar industries and for being a favourite for all-inclusive lovers worldwide. I want to change the way people think of Cuba though. Spending a fortnight up in Vedado cruising the huge hotels is not the way to see it, check out my guide to backpacking round Cuba and you’ll soon see that between Havana, Trinidad, Cienfuegos and Playa Ancon there is a huge amount to see and do if you decide to visit on your gap year. So here goes just 25 out of the millions of reasons you should visit Cuba on your year out.

1. The buildings really are as colourful and photogenic as the photos make out

Streets of Havana

2. The peninsula of Playa Ancon is lush and beautiful and well worth a visit

View over Playa Ancon in Trinidad

3. They do things differently over there

Meat in Havana

4. The beaches are beautiful and relatively quiet

Beach in Playa Ancon

5. You can take a boat trip out fishing

Hemingway Marina

6. Blue seas and white beaches, stunning

The sea at Playa Ancon

7. If the mojitos here are good enough for Pulitzer Prize winner Hemingway, they’re good enough for you

La Bodeguita El Medio - Hemingway's favourite bar

8. Stunning architecture at every turn

Church in Havana

9. The evening parties on the Malecon are crazy fun, a great place to hang out in the day too

The Malecon in Havana

10. Daiquiris at The Nacional – a popular hotel in Hemingway’s books and financed by the Mafia

The Nacional in Havana

11. Everyone drinks bottles of Havana Club Rum on the beaches, it’s awesome

Beach in Playa Ancon near Trinidad

12. To visit Trinidad – a quaint town full of life

Beautiful Trinidad

13. To get photos of cars and taxi drivers like this

Awesome taxi man in Havana

14. To drink the local Cristal beer on the Malecon at sunset

Sunset over the Malecon

15. To sit on roof terraces in Havana and look over the city

The rooftops of Havana

16. To eat the cheapest and tastiest lobster money can buy

Lobster in Havana

17. To capture traditional scenes like this

Amazing street scene in Trinidad

18. To visit Hemingway’s House 30 minutes from Havana

Hemingway's house outside Havana

19. To drink huge daiquiris in El Tranvia to escape the heat in Cienfuegos

Tasty daiquiris in Cienfuegos

20. To see how cigars are made in Partegas, and get an all important pic smoking one

Partegas cigar factory in Havana

21. To stay in a super cheap and awesome Casa Particular – a local’s home

Cool casa particular in Cuba

22. To drive around Revolution Square in one of these

Me in a chevvy in Cuba

23. To get dropped off at the beach in a pink Cadillac

Awesome car in Havana by the beach

24. To listen to a band play Buena Vista Social Club’s Chan Chan, on repeat

Street Band in Trinidad

25. To watch the sun go down on another awesome day in Cuba

Sunset on Hotel Inglaterra
Click to find out more about taking a gap year in Cuba.

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