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Quiz: 5 Big Rocks that Look Like Animals

Humans quite like looking at rocks. Whether it’s a pebble burnished smooth by the gentle insistence of the tides or a hulking mountain pushed tall by tectonic fender benders, we’ve never lost the ability to admire the humble rock.
So, couple the primeval human penchant for rocks with our boundless affection for (non-edible) animals, and you get… well, some vaguely animal shaped rocks. Can you guess what these are said to resemble? Answers at the bottom!

1. Cappadocia, Turkey

Camel Rock, Cappadocia
Devrent (Imagination) Valley is full of strange rock formations, the most prominent of which is this. At least it’s in its natural habitat…

2. Iceland

Hvitserkur, Iceland
The holes punched by the tide in this basalt stack make it resemble a creature bending to drink from the ocean. What do you see?

3. Nevada, USA

Elephant Rock, USA
This rock formation in Nevada’s Valley of Fire state park looks so like a certain animal we can only assume aliens carved it.

4. Sardinia

Bear Rock, Sardinia
This prehistoric formation became an essential Mediterranean point of navigation around the 8th century. The stretch of coast is named after the creature it resembles.


Hedgehog Rock, Algeria
The Tassili n’Ajjer national park is a mountainous region of the Sahara Desert, and amongst its many unusual rock formations is this rather uncanny creature.


So, think you’ve guessed correctly? Here are the answers.
1. A camel – This is Camel Rock. Cappadocia is also famous for its numerous penis-shaped formations.
2. A dragon – Hvitserkur is one of many mythical creatures supposedly turned to stone found around Iceland.
3. An elephant – Okay, it’s skull is a little small, but otherwise Elephant Rock is pretty uncanny!
4. A bear – This stretch of coastline is named Capo d’Orso – Cape Bear.
5. A hedgehog – This is either a hedgehog or a heavily-armoured pig.
How did you do?

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