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5 Interesting Facts about the Kazantip Festival

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Written by: Anthony Freeman

The Republic of Kazantip Festival is two weeks of non-stop music, discos, fun, love, freedom and relaxation in the sun at descent beaches of Crimea, right on the Black Sea in the Ukraine.

The best party for beauties, DJs, sports addicts and crazy party animals in the hippest location – so they say.

Every year thousands of young people come together to party by day and by night. The festival is also well known for the sporting facilities and you could find yourself dancing in paint one minute and freefall skydiving the next.
Although a lot is said about Kazantip Festival, there are 5 things you might not know about it:

1. The yellow suitcase

If you are going to visit this very unusual festival of electronic and house music, be ready to pay $260 for the ticket. Yet, anyone can get free admission to the festival. All you need to do is to register on the official website of the Kazantip Republic and take a quiz of several simple questions. Then, you must bring a yellow suitcase with you, and carry it with you throughout your stay at Kazantip. The thing is that a yellow suitcase is considered to be the main symbol of the festival. It comes from an old Russian children’s movie about a doctor who made children happy by giving them candies from his yellow suitcase. The idea behind is that when you make people happy in the Republic, this makes you feel happy too.
Yellow suitcase at Kazantip Republic

2. New year party

In order to entertain the public, a big number of various parties are organized during the festival. Normally the parties and lineup are announced in advance, but without giving too much details, which helps to maintain the interest in the coming events. One of the main traditions is a celebration of the New Year that always happens on 31 July. In fact, the New Year party opens Kazantip. The participants get dressed in funny costumes, many have their faces painted. The traditional countdown to midnight is followed by a spectacular fireworkdisplay and rivers of champagne flow.
Kazantip Republic party

3. Freak parade

This parade is another traditional show that is always organized during the Kazantip. It features thousands of young people dressed up in orange outfits as well as in weird, funny and crazy clothes. So, if you are planning to visit the next festival, make sure to bring your most creative costume with you!
DJs at the Kazantip Republic Festival

4. ViZas for the “Republic of Kazantip”

As you may know, the Kazantip ticket is called “viZa” and it has nothing to do with a visa to enter the country. Actually this is a pass to the festival that looks like a plastic card. You must wear it around your neck throughout your stay at Kazantip. To get your viZa, first you need to apply online on the official site of the Republic of Kazantip, fill out a simple form and upload a recent photo of yourself. Once your application is approved, you will receive a notification sent my e-mail. When you arrive in Popovka, you need to stop by the ViZa Department to pick up your pass to Kazantip. Check out thecrimea.org.ua for further instructions.
Kazantip Republic by night

5. Passes of different colors

There are three colorsofviZas: red, green and white. Most guests have red viZasbut you can also meet girls with green or white passes. The green ones are given to the girls who are hired to promote parties and various events during Kazantip Festival, while the holders of the white passes are the most beautiful girls, true models who escort VIP guests of Kazantip.
Kazantip Festival

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