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6 Reasons Paddle Boarding is Awesome

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Vicky Philpott

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Written by: Sean Barry

You May Look Like a Clown, But I Guarantee You’ll Love It

Recently I went out for an awesome week on the Gold Coast to see what adventure could be found there. One day we went and hung out with the Watersports Guru in Kingscliff, and after taking us snorkelling with turtles he treated us to a paddleboarding lesson. I felt a bit silly at first trying to work out the board, but soon mastered it and really enjoyed paddling myself along. I think everyone should try paddleboarding. Here are six reasons why.

Girl paddleboarding

1. It’s really relaxing

Life is stressful. Getting up early for class or work every day can really take its toll. It’s important to get some downtime where you can chill out and escape the crazy world we live in.
Some people really love throwing themselves out of aeroplanes for an adrenaline rush, but to others that would be a nightmare. Everybody loves to relax, and that’s why you’re going to love paddleboarding. Standing more or less on the water, propelling yourself through the scenery at your own speed is wonderfully relaxing, in an almost meditative way. While you’re on your board it’s just you, the water and your thoughts.

2. It’s great exercise

Forget boring jogging, paddleboarding is really great exercise! The combination of paddling while balancing on the board (which is harder than it looks!) is really good for your core strength and your leg and arm muscles. This ties in perfectly with number one too – it’s relaxing and good for you, what more can you want?

3. It’s cheap fun

Paddleboarding is awesome
All you need is a board and a paddle, you don’t even need a wetsuit (unless you’re gapyear.com’s content and social media manager Vicky who couldn’t help but fall in). There’s so many awesome things to do when you’re travelling, but we’ve all been in that sad but familiar situation where we’re trying to decide which one of the two awesome experiences we’re going to choose to do because we can’t afford to do both.
It’s really important to balance saving money while travelling with having an awesome time and that’s why you’re going to love paddleboarding! Not only is it a really great way to spend time, but it’s inexpensive and doesn’t require a lot of effort to organise.

4. You’ll look like a celeb

With more and more celebs being snapped paddleboarding, it’s starting to become a cool alternative to surfing. People like the glorious Jennifer Aniston, the retired 007 Pierce Brosnan and one of the world’s fastest men, F1 driver Lewis Hamilton, have all proclaimed their love for the sport. If these super cool people think paddleboarding is a good hobby and they enjoy the benefits, why can’t you?

5. Someone will fall in, comically

It may look easy, but that just creates a fall sense of security that results in an even funnier splash when you do go down. It may look as simple as standing on a big plank but the simple act of even trying to turn around on the board can result in an unexpected bath for even the most experienced paddle boarder. Paddleboarding requires a lot of effort to stay balanced and it’s really good for developing the small muscles that are constantly working to keep you on your feet.

6. You’ll be at one with nature

Nature is so majestic (just like David Attenborough’s voice) and mercilessly awesome. Any activity that lets you be one with nature automatically gains 5 points, and paddleboarding is no exception.
You can find yourself gliding down a river in complete silence with fish swimming underneath you, swans wondering whether or not to attack you and birds ignoring the pensioners throwing bread at them to come and swim along with you. Paddleboarding really does get you right in to the middle of some really beautiful scenery, and exposes you to wildlife you don’t get to see when you’re ripping along on a jet ski. Try it!

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