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Film and TV Inspiration for Your Gap Year

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Written by: Helen Winter

Turn Your 3-day Box Set Bender into Vital Research for Your Gap Year!

We all want to travel, but the question is, where? Finding the right inspiration to make a decision on which country, or countries, you want to invest your first lot of savings into can be tough. You’ve read every single blog, travel website and travel guide going, but they lack the visuals.

This is where the use of television shows and films comes in handy! Most people don’t really associate films and shows with travel insight, but as the entertainment industry is becoming more international, you can really get a good look at what a country has to offer. Apocalypse Now was even responsible for the surf culture in the Philippines – bit of trivia for you there.

Living it up Sex and the City style in New York

Sex and the City has taken over Friends when it comes to bringing New York into our homes, and the latest Big Apple offering, Girls, has eclipsed even that. Sex and the City in New York

Throughout the series’ you’re given a virtual tour around New York through the characters, allowing you to see all the tourist hotspots in real life – kind of. Everything is on camera, from the skyscrapers, to Broadway, to Times Square; it’s like a travel magazine unfolding before your eyes with compelling story lines to keep you hooked.

Investigating a murder mystery in Miami

Although the occurrence of an annual serial killer may not really sell Miami, television show Dexter has really put this state back on the map. Forensic blood-spatter analyst by day and serial killer by night, throughout all eight series the location of this unique show has really become its own character.

Dexter in Miami

And, if you can look past all the dead bodies, you can see why Miami is a choice location. The nearby gulf coast and beautiful harbours make you envy Dexter when he takes his boat out in to the water – even if it is to dump a few corpses. Miami’s heat and beaches are the other great attractions this show presents; you can practically feel the Miami sun  and the sand between your toes when they’re investigating a crime scene.

Living like Luther in London

With its bustling way of life and architecture, London has become home to the hit television show Luther. This crime drama is all cockney and all British, offering pans of some great ‘must see’ London sights, giving you a taste of London life. Well, a bit of an extreme version, but there are plenty of suits, ties and briefcases.

Broadchurch for the British coast

This has probably been one of the most raved about British shows of recent years. Broadchurch, starring David Tennant, is set in Dorset. A destination known more for its wildlife than murderers, but maybe the south is more badass than first thought.

Broadchurch in Dorset

In this show there are great shots of the English coast, the white cliffs and dark sea, as well as the temperamental weather. If you just think Britain is all London and tubes, then invest some hours in to Broadchurch to see what else the country has to offer – minus the police tape.

Follow Julia Roberts around the world

Eat, Pray, Love has become a traveller’s must-watch. Although Julia Roberts’ character isn’t exactly the hostel/couch surfing backpacker, you can still really get a feel for all the countries she visits on her indulgent ‘meaning of life’ expedition. From eating pasta on the streets of Italy, to elephants in India and going into ‘silence’ in Bali, if you’re hankering for some travelling ideas, it’s a great one to check out. Even if you think the storyline is a bit rubbish, the scenery will make you want to get that passport out immediately.

Following the trio across Thailand in The Hangover II

‘Hola, city of Squalor’ – okay, so the tourism boards didn’t really snap that slogan up, but the Hangover II is great to get a snapshot of Thailand and its culture.

Hangover in Thailand

Starting off with the exotic islands, and then branching out to the bustling tuk tuks in Bangkok, the transgender business, and then hopping to Buddhists and monkeys, you get to see all the sides of this 3 dimensional country.

Feeling Returned in France

A new hit for Channel 4, The Returned is a spooky drama set in France! Entirely in subtitles, you can’t help but pick up the language, witness the culture, take in the scenery and the people – even with a sci-fi/thriller twist.

Have you ever booked a trip based entirely on seeing it on the big screen? Let us know below!

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