’s Travelling Plans for 2016

Funnily enough, us lot here at are pretty fond of travelling. Although we spend a lot of time helping you plan your adventures, we also daydream about where in the world this new year will take us.

You know, we’re pretty good at this sort of thing. We know what destinations are so hot right now, and we know what’s a bit rubbish. If you need some inspiration for your next backpacking adventure, check out our suggestions and plans here. If something takes your fancy, give us a call and we’ll make it happen for you, too!

Europe, India, Borneo

Travel to Kerala in 2016

Kavon Bagheri – Gap Year Brand Leader

After a couple of warm up trips to Europe, including Bruges in February for a group trip with friends, I’m taking my new wife to Kerala on India’s southwest coast to enjoy the incredible beaches there. Then in the summer we’re taking a trip to Borneo to volunteer with orangutans. This might be my last year of serious travel before she ties me down to a big house and babies. Better make the most of it!

Bali, Australia

Travel to Australia in 2016

Alex Butterfield – Gap Year Manager

My plans for now are to head to Bali for a week of diving, before heading over to Australia to explore the southeast coast. There’s Sydney, snowy mountains, and Melbourne’s vibrant streets. Then I’ll finish it all off with a drive down the Great Ocean Road. Lovely jubbly!

Iceland, the Philippines, InterRailing in Europe

Travel to Iceland in 2016

Will Jones – Gap Year Editor

This year I want to go InterRailing in Europe, specifically through Bavaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina. I have seen pathetically little of my own continent and this will be rectified this year! 2016 will also be the year I haul my butt over to Iceland, because it looks completely amazing and I want a piece of that. There is also a good chance I’m going to squeeze in a spot of island-hopping in the Philippines.

Italy, France, Hungary, Canada, Morocco

Travel to Canada in 2016

Sam Willan – Gap Year Marketing Manager

Lots of travel plans this year! I shall be going to Cervinia and Courmayeur in Italy to ski and get fat on Italian mountain food, and then to Normandy in France to chill out in the countryside and eat some more. Later I’m going to Budapest, because it has cheap beer, amazing architecture, and I love pop up bars and restaurants in disused buildings (very Shoreditch).

Then I’m off to Canada for a wedding! I bloody love Canada, but my wife has never been, so I need to show her Toronto, and Northern Quebec for awesome wildlife. Also, ice hockey. If I have any money left after all this, Morocco has been on my wish list for a long time, but any plans have always been abandoned!

Japan, Philippines

Travel to Japan in 2016

Phil Cowie – Gap Year Manager

In February I’m taking a 19 day skiing tour of Hokkaido in northern Japan. I’ll be trying to ski 10 different resorts! Hokkaido is a much less visited area of Japan than the classic Tokyo – Kyoto – Osaka route, and one of the aspects I’m most looking forward to is staying in a traditional Ryokan in Niseko. Japan has been on the bucket list for a long time. Excited is an understatement!

Having only got around to Asia in the last two years, I’m making up for lost time now, and was looking for somewhere a little off the beaten track. The Philippines looks great, because you get a real sense of travelling as you move between islands. It’s still relatively undiscovered, while being easy to travel because over half the population speaks English! I want to visit the Banaue rice terraces when we arrive, as it’s often called the ‘eighth wonder of the world,’ before heading down to Boracay for my birthday and Palawan for some stunning beaches.

Andorra, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan

Travel to Kyrgyzstan in 2016

Pete Churchill – Gap Year Product & Marketing Executive

I’ll be starting off the year in traditional style, with a skiing holiday, but this time not to old faithful France. Instead, I and a couple of friends will be going to Andorra to see what tax free skiing is like.

My other plans are much less defined, but there is potentially a trip to Kyrgyzstan on the cards to visit my sister, who is out there studying Russian. We’d be looking to do some trekking in the Tien Shan mountains and potentially even some more skiing. We’d also hope to pop over the border to Uzbekistan and see some of its beautiful Islamic art and architecture. Definitely off the beaten path and somewhere I’m not likely to have an excuse to visit again anytime soon!

Slovenia, Finland

Travel to Slovenia in 2016

Dave Owen – Gap Year Content & Social Media Specialist

My aim recently has been to see more of Europe, and I’m continuing that in 2016. My main trip will be to Slovenia, where I want to visit Ljubljana, hike through the wilderness, and finally see Lake Bled with my own eyes. My other big trip will hopefully be to northern Finland, either this winter or next, to live in a snow-ridden cabin for a while, Rocky IV style.


Travel to Borneo in 2016

Lucy Goldston – Gap Year Travel Consultant

This year I’m hoping to visit Borneo, as I want to learn to dive, and see the orangutans. Borneo has so much to do and see, especially beaches and rainforests, meaning it’ll be the perfect place to explore and relax for a couple of weeks in the sunshine.

Costa Rica

Travel to Costa Rica in 2016

Hayley France – Gap Year Travel Consultant

I’m hoping to head to Costa Rica this year for a couple of weeks on a YOLO tour. I think Costa Rica has a great mix of beaches, wildlife, scenery, and activities; basically everything you could want from a holiday! It’ll also give me a chance to practice my Spanish!

I’m also hoping to visit a couple of places in Europe. I would love to visit Budapest, as it’s been on my must-see list for a while now!

Italy, France, Spain

Travel to Italy in 2016

Leo Mead – Gap Year Assistant Manager

This year I’m exploring Europe more. I usually love going further afield, but Europe has so much to offer, and I’m beginning to feel like I might be taking it for granted. I hope to visit the Dolomites and Mont Blanc mountains, and mix it up with some sun in the south of France and Barcelona – bring on the Tapas!

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